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Linedancing in Western Sydney

Step Sheets
As of September 2010 a new site has been set up for Australian stepsheets (original sheets only),  a replacement for Dancing Downunder (which ceased being updated late 2009). The stepsheet site you are currently viewing (on Line Dance Sydney) contains an archive of dances choreographed prior to September 2010 plus any non-Australian choreography that has been submitted since then.

If you are looking for a newer non-Australian dance that is not listed here, I recommend you check Copperknob. Note that most (alas not quite all) Australian choreographers submit their dances to Aussie Dancesheets.

Dances beginning with: 
[dances beginning with a number etc (eg: 3 Dayz) are listed in the A's]
Partner Dances

Dances: C-D

C.C. Shuffle unknown 4W,32C,B- reformatted 1990s
Caballero Ira Weisburd 4W,64C,I submitted 2011
Cabo Moon  Ira Weisburd 4W,32C,B- submitted 2020-03
Cabo San Lucas Sandy Kerrigan 2W,64C,I submitted 2008
Cadillac Ranch anonymous 4W,32C,I- reformatted 1990s
Cadillac Tears Rosalie Mackay 4W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Cadillac TearsMarie Sorensen4W,32C,B-submitted2011-12
Cajun Beat Tim Gauci 4W,64C,I- submitted 2005
Cajun Cross Janet Padgett 4W,32C,B reformatted -
Cajun Jamboree
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2014-03
California Cha-Cha unknown 2W,34C,B+,waltz reformatted 1990s
Call Me Brett Jenkins 2W,32C,I- reformatted 2003
Call Me Clause Martin Ritchie 1/2W,48C,I- reformatted 2001
Call Me Irresponsible Carol McKee 2W,64C,I- reformatted 2007
Call Me LuckyÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac4W,68C,I-submitted2011-03
Call You on the Phone Greywolf & Wiya Wambli 4W,32C,I submitted 2009
Calypso Mexico Ria Vos 4W,64C,I- original sheet 2011
Camp It Up Simon Ward & Rachael McEaney 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2004
Canadian Stomp unknown 4W,32C,B reformatted 1990s
Canadian Stroll Bill Bader 4W,16C,B-- reformatted 2003
Candlelight and Kisses Jon Peppin 2W,48C,I,waltz reformatted 2002
Candyman Margret Pacitti 4W,72C,I submitted 2007
Can't Fake It The Kids 2W,64C,I reformatted 2001
Can't Fight It Brad Skinner 4W,56C,A reformatted 2001
Can't Take You Anywhere! Roxanna Kumre 2W,48C,I reformatted 2002
Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango Audri R. 4W,32C,B reformatted 2010
Can't Touch That Linda Burgess 2W,40C,I original sheet 2007
Cannibal Stomp Lisa Firth 2W,72C,I- reformatted 1990s
Canta Canta CantaJohn Warnars2W,32C,B/Isubmitted2012-02
Captain AfricaMartie Papendorf4W,64C,I-submitted2013-07
Martie Papendorf 2W,32C,I- submitted 2015-12
Carnavalito [El Humahuaqueno]Martie Papendorf4W,44C,I-submitted2013-08
CarolynMarie Sorensen2W,32C,I-submitted2012-03
Caribbean Tango Marie Sorensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
CarmelitaMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-01
Carry the World Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,64C,I original sheet 2008
Case of LoveRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,Ireformatted2011-12
Castaway Heart Tim Gauci 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2008
Catalan RockMarie Sorensen2W,48C,I-submitted2013-02
Catch a Hip Cat Michele Perron 4W,48C,B+ reformatted 2002
Catch Me if You Can Audrey Watson 2W,64C,I- original sheet 2008
Catch the Rain Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs 4W,64C,I- original sheet 2008
Catch the Wind Noel Bradey 2W,48C,I-,waltz reformatted 2001
Caught in the Act Ann Woods 4W,64C,I-,waltz reformatted 2004
Caught Up In Each Other Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,64C,I reformatted 2009
Cave Man MamboSandra Balestracci1W,16C,B-reformatted2011
Ce Petit Coeur Martie Papendorf 4W,24C,B/I submitted 2010
Celebrate Gordon Elliott 4W,32C,B submitted 2007
Centered Maddison Glover 4W,64C,I submitted 2009
Bobbey Willson
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-11
Cha Candela
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ
4W,48C,I submitted 2014-05
Cha Cha Cuba Marie Sorensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
Cha Cha Espana Ira Weisburd & Motti Kotzer 4W,32C,B reformatted 2011
Cha Cha Fever Sandy Kerrigan 4W,16C,B- submitted 2010
Cha Cha FortunaRep Ghazali 2W,32C,B+reformatted2012
Cha Cha Lengua Neil Hale 2W,64C,I reformatted 1990s
Cha Cha Let It Go Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2011
Cha Cha MariaÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac4W,48C,I-submitted2013-10
Cha Cha RitmoIra Weisburd2W,32C,B+submitted2012-12
Cha Cha Slide Mr C 4W,24C,B-- reformatted 2001
Cha Cha Smooth Linda Burgess & Joshua Talbot 4W,64C,I submitted 2008
Cha Cha Suavito
Ira Weisburd 4W,24C,B submitted 2020-02
Cha Y'all Peter Metelnick 4W,68C,I reformatted 2004
Chachanela Ira Weisburd 2W,phrased,I- submitted 2010
Chain Reaction Chris Watson 4W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Champagne on Ice Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,96C,I reformatted 2007
Change of Heart Terry Hogan 2W,64C,I reformatted 2000
Change Your MindMarie Sĝrensen & Roz Chaplin 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-2
Chantilly BopMartie Papendorf 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-10
Charanga Rachael McEnaney 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2007
Charleston Cowboy  unknown 4W,32C,B reformatted 1990s
Charley's D-Walker
Greywolf & Wiya Wambli
4W,32C,B submitted 2015-01
Chasin' Rainbows  Stephen Patterson 4W,32C,B+ reformatted 2005
Chasin' Rodeo Alison Johnstone 2W,64C,I original sheet 2009
Chasin' Rodeo First Steps Alison Johnstone 4W,32C,B original sheet 2009
Chasing My Tail  Terry Hogan 4W,32C,I reformatted 2001
Cheat the Cheater Travis Taylor 2W,64C,I submitted 2009
Cheatin' On Me Kathryn Sloan 2W,68C,I- submitted 2010
Cheating Heart Mark Simpkin & Robin Imms 4W,32C,I- reformatted 1990s
Check Please Terry Hogan 4W,52C,I- original sheet 1997
Check Yes or NoMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-3
Cheek to Cheek Rob Fowler 2W,64C,B/I reformatted 2004
Brigitte Masmeijer & John Warnars
4W,phrased,I+ submitted 2015-01
Cherokee Swing
Martie Papendorf 4W,48C,B submitted 2015-08
Chevy Camaro 396
Adrian Helliker & Marie Sĝrensen
4W,34C,B+ submitted 2015-03
Chica Boom Boom Vikki Morris 4W,32C,B+ reformatted 2009
Chicken FriedMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2013-04
Chicken Walk JivePatricia Stott 4W,64C,I-reformatted2012
Chihuahua Yvonne Anderson 4W,64C,I- reformatted 2002
Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2001
Chilli Padi Tan Candy 4W,64C,I submitted 2007
Chilly ChaMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-09
Chilly Cha Cha A. T. Kinson 4W,32C,I reformatted 2000
Chilly Pepper Hot!Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac4W,48C,I-submitted2011-03
Chinook BomshelMarie Sĝrensen2W,48C,Bsubmitted2012-08
Cho-co-latte Yvonne Anderson 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2003
Chocabeck Martie Papendorf 4W,64,I submitted 2011
Choices Wrangler Wild 2W,64C,I reformatted 2003
Choo Choo Cha BoogieJohn Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski 2W,48C,I-original sheet2013
Chloe's RainMartie Papendorf4W,48C,Isubmitted2012-07
Christmas in a Texas TownMarie Sĝrensen2W,40C,Bsubmitted2011
Christmas PolkaMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Christmas Rock
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2014-11
Christmas Time Back HomeMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2013-12
Chubby's TwistMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-11
Ciau BellaMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-08
Cigarettes and Whiskey Gary & Cheryl Parker, Linda Wolfe, Robyn Groot 1W,63C,I,W submitted 2006
City GirlMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-03
City of Angels Brett Jenkins 2W,34C,I reformatted 2003
City of New Orleans Martie Papendorf 4W,64C,I submitted 2011
City Stripper Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2011
Clap Your Hands & Stamp Your Feet
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,I- submitted 2017-12
Sĝren Kristensen & Marie Sĝrensen
2W,32C,B+ submitted 2014-03
Close Your Eyes & Dream Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,48C,I original sheet 2008
Close Your Eyes For This
Bobbey Willson
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-10
CNY WishesMayee Lee & Li (Michelle) 2W,64C,B+submitted2011-11
Coastin' Ray and Tina Yeoman 4W,40C,I reformatted 1990s
Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2018-08
Coconut Cream Debbie Wilson 4W,32C,I- reformatted 1990s
Cold Beer
Michael Schmidt
2W,32C,I- submitted 2016-03
Cold Blooded Scott Blevins 4W,32C,I reformatted 2003
Cold Shoulder Marie Sorensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2011
CollisionMartie Papendorf 4W,64C,Isubmitted2012-02
Colorado Girl
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-03
ColourslideMarie Sorensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-10
Come Anytime Robbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,I original sheet 2007
Come Back as a Country SongMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-06
Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson 4W,32C,B reformatted 2003
Come Fly With Me Brett Jenkins & Cathryn Proudfoot 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2004
Come Fly With Me Jill Boxtel 4W,64C,I submitted 2009
Come on Little MamaMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-2
Come on Over June Hulcombe & Barb Willshire 2W,32C,B/I original sheet 2007
Come Tomorrow Michele Perron 4W,32C,I reformatted 2005
Coming Back Gordon Elliott 2W,84C,I submitted 2010
Coming Home Mark Simpkin 2W,64C,I reformatted 2005
Coming Home to You Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer 2W,56C,I submitted 2010
Completely Terry Hogan & Thomas O'Dwyer 2W,72C,I+,w reformatted 1999
Conchita ChaMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-11
Conmigo [Dance with Me]
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-10
Consider Me Gone Jenny Hughes & Darren Mitchell 4W,48C,I original sheet 2009
Conquest of ParadiseMartie Papendorf 4W,48C,I-submitted2013-01
Coochie Bang Bang Scott Blevins 4W,64C,I reformatted 2009
Cool and MellowMartie Papendorf 4W,32C,I-submitted2013-11
Cool Beer Norm Gifford 2W,64C,B submitted 2007
Cool Change Terry Hogan 3W,65C,A reformatted 2002
Cool Chick Robbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,B/I original sheet 2009
Cool to be a Fool Tracie Lee 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2003
Copacabana Tracie Lee & Stephen Patterson 2W,48C,I+ reformatted 2001
CopacabanaMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,I-submitted2012-3
Copperhead Steve Smith 4W,24C,B reformatted 1990s
Copperhead Road (Revisited)
Bobbey Willson
4W,40C,I- submitted 2014-09
Corner of LoveMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-11
Corona Con Lima Jennifer Hughes 1W,32C,B reformatted 2010
Cotton Candy Tom Glover 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2003
Cotton Pickin' Gordon Elliott 4W,32C,B/I submitted 2005
Cotton Pickin' Gordon Elliott 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2005
Cotton Pickin Time Marie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,I- submitted 2011
Country 2 Step Masters in Line 4W,40C,B/I reformatted 2003
Country Boy Red Hot & Electric 2W,64C,I reformatted 1999
Country Comes to Town Carl Sullivan 2W,80C,I reformatted 2006
Country Comes To TownMarie Sorensen4W,72C,I-submitted2012-12
Country CupidÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ 4W,48C,I-submitted2013-10
Country Down To My SoulMarie Sorensen 4W,64C,I-submitted2012-12
Country Girl Anonymous 4W,32C,B+ reformatted 1990s
Country Girl with a Rock & Roll Heart
Erica de Vaan
4W,64C,I submitted 2019-11
Country Girls Darren Mitchell 4W,32C,I submitted 2007
Country Man Margaret Warren 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2009
Country Singer
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-05
Country Man Mark Simpkin 2W,64C,I original sheet 2009
Country Soul
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-01
Country Summer Kevin & Maria Smith 4W,64C,I- reformatted 2002
Country Walkin' Teree Desarro 4W,32C,B reformatted 1990s
Country's Rockin' Marie Sorensen 1W,32C,B submitted 2011
Cow Cow Boogie Margret Pacitti 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2004
Cowboy Blues Mark Simpkin 4W,32C,A reformatted 2001
Cowboy Boogie Kelly Burkhardt 4W,24C,B- original sheet 2008
Cowboy Boots Mark Simpkin 2W,64C,A reformatted 2000
Cowboy Cha-Cha unknown 2W,20C,B- reformatted 1990s
Cowboy ChipzMarie Sorensen1W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-06
Cowboy CoffeeMarie Sorensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-03
Cowboy Cute, Cowgirl CrazyMarie Sorensen4W,36C,B+submitted2012-11
Cowboy Don't Cry  Roy Verdonk, Ira Weisburd & Sebastiaan Holtland 4W,64C,I- submitted 2023-09
Cowboy HatMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-12
Cowboy Hustle unknown 2W,20C,B reformatted 1990s
Cowboy RhythmJo Thompson4W,48C,B+reformatted2011
Cowboy StyleÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TakacPhrased,Isubmitted2013-01
Cowboy Style Ira Weisburd
4W,48C,B submitted 2022-09
Cowboy Up Tim Gauci 2W,48C,I submitted 2007
Cowboy Up! Marie Sorensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
Cowboys Like Us Tracie Lee & amp; Mark Simkin 2W,60C,I,W reformatted 2003
Cowgirl Connection Jim Lucas 2W,46C,I- reformatted 1990s
Cowgirl Swing
Marie Sĝrensen & Adrian Helliker
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-01
Cowgirls Don't Cry Bill Larson 4W,48C,I- original sheet 2009
Cowgirls Twist Bill Bader 4W,32C,B+ reformatted 1990s
Coyote unknown 4W,32C,B+ reformatted 1990s
Coz I Don't Want To Travis Taylor 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2007
Coz of You Mitchell Burgess 4W,34C,I reformatted 2005
Close Paul Snooke 4W,48C,I reformatted 2003
Cracklin' Rosie Linda Burgess 2W,32C,I original sheet 2009
Cradle Marie Sĝrensen & Sĝren Kristensen 4W,32C,I submitted 2011
Crash Bang Boom
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
2W,32C,I- submitted 2016-09
Crazy Mark Simpkin 2W,64C,I/A reformatted 2004
CrazyJohn Warnars2W,32C,I-submitted2011
Crazy 4 You Tracie Lee 4W,32C,I reformatted 2000
Crazy Foot Mambo Paul McAdam 2W,32C,B/I original sheet 2008
Crazy Little WomanÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac 4W,48C,I-submitted2013-11
Crazy Love Chris Watson 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2003
Crazy Mercury Maxwell & CCRH 2W,48C,B reformatted 2011
Crazy Postman Glynn Holt 2W,32C,B reformatted 2010
Crazier Karen Jennings & Jennifer Hughes 2W,54C,I original sheet 2009
Crickets and FrogsSteven Lerner and Courtney Freeburn 2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-04
Crime of the CenturyMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-03
Crimson Red
Michael Schmidt 2W,32C,I- submitted 2018-03
Crooked Jack
Ira Weisburd
2W,32C,I- submitted 2015-06
Cross My HeartMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Isubmitted2011-12
CrossfireMarie Sĝrensen4W,64C,I-submitted2013-04
Crowd My Mind Norman Gifford
2W,48C,I- submitted 2020-08
Cruisin' Neil Hale 1W,32C,B/I reformatted 1990s
Cruisin on a Summer Night
Marie Sĝrensen 2W,64C,I- submitted 2014-01
Cry Martin Ritchie 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2003
Cry Lu Olsen 1W,96C,I,w submitted 2009
Cry Baby Travis Taylor 4W,64C,I submitted 2009
Cry Baby Cry
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
2W,32C,B submitted 2016-07
Cry Cry CryFrancien Sittrop 4W,32C,I-original sheet2011-12
Cry to Me Paul McAdam 2W,32C,I original sheet 2007
Cry Yourself a River Maddison & Tom Glover 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2006
Cryin' Through My Eyes
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-01
Crying All Night
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ 4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-01
Crying AngelsPiet Meulendijks 4W,32C,Isubmitted2012-04
Crying In The Rain
Martie Papendorf
4W,40C,I- submitted 2014-04
Crying Time Terry Hogan 4W,48C,I original sheet 2007
Cuban Heels Terry Hogan 4W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Cumbia Amore Ira Weisburd 1W,32C,B/I submitted 2010
Cumbia Conmigo
Ira Weisburd 4W,32C,B submitted 2017-02
CupidMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,I-submitted2012-09
Curious Thing Kristina Beeby 4W,64C,I+ reformatted 2001
Custom Made Jennifer Hughes 4W,32C,I reformatted 2007
Cut Off Jeans
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-05

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Dad's Bar The Kids 2W,96C,A original sheet 2003
Daddy's Honky TonkMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-12
Daddy's Little Girl Simon Ward 2W,32C,I reformatted 2010
Daddy's Radio Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
Dance... The Devil or Me Gordon Elliott 4W,64C,I submitted 2008
Dance AgainRia Vos 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2012
Dance In The Mirror Sandy Kerrigan & Travis Taylor 2W,64C,I submitted 2010
Dance Like You're the Only One Teresa & Vera 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2008
Dance Me To The End of Love
Ira Weisburd
1W,64C,B+ submitted 2017-03
Dance of Love Tim Gauci 4W,64C,I- submitted 2006
Dance Our Way Peter & Liz Heath 2W,64C,I- original sheet 2007
Dance to the MusicMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-09
Dance With Me Terry Hogan 4W,48C,I+,waltz original sheet 2001
Dance With Me Errol Colomb 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2005
Dance With the Devil Maggie Gallagher 2W,48C,I+ reformatted 2002
Dance With the Wild OneMartie Papendorf 4W,48,Isubmitted2011-09
Dance With Wolves
Ira Weisburd
4W,32,B submitted 2015-12
Dancehall SocaMarie Sĝrensen4W,48C,I-submitted2013-03
Dancers Den! Chris Hodgson 4W,48,I reformatted 2001
Dancin' Fool Ira Weisburd 1W,32C,B submitted 2010
Dancin' in the Tub Sandy Kerrigan 4W,32C,B reformatted 2006
Dancin' to the Radio Carl Sullivan 4W,60,I+ reformatted 2002
Dancing in the Dark Roxanne Kumre 4W,36C,I,waltz reformatted 2003
Dancing in the Moonlight
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-03
Dancing in the Sunset
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-07
Dancing on a Fire Robyn Groot, Linda Wolfe, Cheryl & Gary Parker 4W,32C,I submitted 2010
Dancing on a Saturday Night Maggie Gallagher 2W,64,I- reformatted 2002
Dancing on My OwnMartie Papendorf 4W,64C,Isubmitted2011
Dancing on the Tables
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-02
Dancing to LabambaMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-06
Dancing With CupidKate Sala2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2012
Dangerous Data
Bobbey Willson
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-03
Dans Republic Martie Papendorf 4W,48C,I submitted 2010
Danza Allegria
Ira Weisburd
2W,32C,B submitted 2015-04
Danza Kuduro Jose Miguel Belloque-Vane & Andres Torti 2W,64C,I submitted 2011
Danza KuduroMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Dare 2 Party Chris Watson & Johnny Montana 2W,32C,I reformatted 2004
Darlin' Jan Wyllie 2W,32C,I- original sheet 2010
Darren's Mega MixMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2011-12
Day in the Hay Nadia Friel 2W,40C,I submitted 2010
Days Go By John Rowell 2W,48C,I reformatted 2004
De Luna
Jaszmine Tan
2W,64C,I- submitted 2014-07
Deal With ItMarie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,I-submitted2011
Dear Brother
Marie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,B+ submitted 2014-01
Deck 51 Malcom White & Edward Lawton  2W,phrased,I+ reformatted 2001
Declaration of Love
Kim Petersen
2W,32C,B submitted 2015-11
Dedicate Maggie Gallagher 2W,32C,I reformatted 2003
Dedicated to Doo Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
Deep River Victor Watts & Haley Shiel 4W,64,I+ reformatted 1990s
Deep Rolling Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32,B+ submitted 2011
Delilah Alison Johnstone 4W,48C,I- original sheet 2009
Den End Sanna MannenMarie Sĝrensen2W,32,B+submitted2013-07
Derailed Peter Metelnick 4W,64C,I+ reformatted 2000
Despazaltov Ira Weisburd & Raymond Sarlemijn
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2020-09
Desperado Gordon Elliott & Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,64C,I reformatted 2003
Desperado LoveKaren Kennedy & Adrian Helliker 2W,64C,I-submitted2013-04
Desperado Love For YouKaren Kennedy & Adrian Helliker 4W,32C,B+submitted2013-04
Desperation Samba Eric Sellers & Monica Miles 2W,48C,I reformatted 1990s
Destiny Bill Larson 4W,48C,I+ reformatted 2005
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,64C,B+ submitted 2016-08
Devil in Your EyeÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac 4W,48C,Isubmitted2013-10
Determination Simon Ward 2W,32C,I+ reformatted 2002
DiamondsNigel Mooney (NZ) 2W,64C,Isubmitted2013-05
Did It Again Tim Gauci 2W,72C,I,w submitted 2010
Didn't We Sue Coats 2W,32C,I- reformatted 2003
Different Song Stephen Paterson 4W,64C,I+ reformatted 2001
Diggy Liggy Lo Marie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2011
Diggy LoMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-10
Dilemma Peter Fry 4W,48C,I+ reformatted 2005
Dime In The JukeboxAiden Fryer4W,32C,B+submitted2013-05
Ding DangMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-04
Ding Dang Darn ItRachael McEnaney2W,48C,Ireformatted2012-02
Direct Hit Terry Hogan 2W,64C,I+ reformatted 2000
Dirt Track Cowboy Greywolf & Wiya Wambli 4W,64C,I submitted 2008
Disappearing Bubbles Gaye Teather 4W,64C,I original sheet 2011
DixieMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B-submitted2012-2
Dixie's Honky Tonk Charlie Mifsud 2W,80C,I/A reformatted 2004
Dizzy Jo Thompson 4W,32C,I reformatted 1990s
Do I Tracie Lee 2W,32C,I original sheet 2010
Do It All Kevin & Maria Smith 2W,48C,I- reformatted 2003
Do You Ever Wrangler Wild 2W,64C,I+ reformatted 2002
Do You Feel Like Dancin'
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2013-12
Do You Love Me Chris Watson 2W,48C,I- reformatted 2005
Do You Wanna A Dance
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,64C,B+ submitted 2014-08
Doctor, Doctor Masters in Line 4W,80C,I reformatted 2004
Dodging Arrows
Martie Papendorf
2W,32C,B submitted 2014-10
Does it Matter Gaye Teather 4W,32C,B original sheet 2011
Dog River BluesMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2013-01
Doin' It All Karl & James Madden 4W,48C,I submitted 2005
Doing It To Country Songs
Michael Schmidt
2W,64C,I submitted 2017-12
DoloresIra Weisburd 4W,64C,Isubmitted2013-05
Domestic Light & Cold
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2015-09
DominoRachel McEnaney2W,64C,I+reformatted2011-10
Don't Be A Stranger Paul Snooke 2/4W,72C,A reformatted 2001
Don't Be Sorry Mariann & Preben Pedersen 4W,48C,B/I submitted 2004
Don't Bet Your Boots Carol McKee & Stephen Paterson 2W,66C,I original sheet 2009
Don't Call Me Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2011
Don't Come Easy June Hulcombe & Barb Willshire 4W,64C,I reformatted 2004
Don't Do Me No Wrong
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,B submitted 2018-02
Don't Do Me This Way Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2009
Don't Drink The Water
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2015-10
Don't Forget Maggie Gallagher 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2004
Don't Forget to Remember Me
Marie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,B+ submitted 2014-01
Don't Get Hooked on Me Lu Olsen 2W,56C,I reformatted 2008
Don't Go Karen Jennings 2W,36C,I submitted 2008
Don't it Make You Want to Dance Rosalie Mackay 2W,64C,I reformatted 2003
Don't Know Jennifer Hughes 2W,48C,I reformatted 2004
Don't Let Go Martin Ritchie & Maggie Gallagher 2W,phrased,I submitted 2001
Don't Let Go of Me
Jaszmine Tan
2W,64C,I submitted 2015-07
Don't Let Me Fall Gary & Cheryl Parker 4W,64C,I- submitted 2003
Don't Let Me Go Chris Watson 2W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Don't Let This Moment End Nadia Friel 2W,64C,I reformatted 2009
Don't Let Your Babies Glennys Croston 2W,56C,B/I submitted 2006
Don't Need a Reason  Terry Hogan 2W,32C,I reformatted 2000
Don't Need Whiskey Kerry & Andrew Bailey 4W,48C,I,w submitted 2009
Don't Say You Love Me Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer 2W,32C,I- reformatted 2006
Don't Stop Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher 4W,32C,I reformatted 2001
Don't Take Away My HeavenMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Isubmitted2013-01
Dont Take Her
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,I- submitted 2013-12
Don't Talk to HimMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-07
Don't Tell Papa Mark Simpkin & Tracie Lee 2W,48C,I reformatted 2000
Don't Touch My Heart Rosalie Mackay 2W,64C,I+ reformatted 2003
Don't Try to Pick Me Up Rosalie Mackay 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2007
Don't Wanna Jennifer Hughes 2W,32C,I reformatted 2004
Don't Worry ChildAiden Fryer 2W,32C,B/Isubmitted2013-05
Don't Worry Darlin Rosalie Mackay 4W,68C,I reformatted 2003
Don't You EverMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-05
Done Deal Simon Ward 2W,40C,I reformatted 2003
Done Nothing WrongMartie Papendorf4W,72C,Isubmitted2013-04
Donegan's Reel Maggie Gallagher 4W,40C,I reformatted 2002
Doo Wah DiddyMayee Lee, Li Michelle & Tan Candy 4W,48C,I-submitted2013-03
DopaminaMartie Papendorf2W,56C,I-submitted2011-11
Double Fried
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,64C,I- submitted 2016-07
Double General TroubleMartie Papendorf 4W,48C,I-submitted2013-10
Double XL (Ouch!) Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 4W,48C,I reformatted 2005
Down in Mexico Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2010
Down in Mississippi Martie Papendorf 4W,62C,I submitted 2010
Down Louisiana Way Sandra Haslam 2W,50C,B/I reformatted 2003
Down 'N Out Carol McKee 2W,68C,I reformatted 2003
Down on the Bayou
Angel & John Warnars
2W,34C,I- submitted 2015-05
Down to the River Jennifer Hughes 2W,64C,I reformatted 2005
Down Town Boogie Peter Simm 2W,32C,B reformatted 2005
Downtown Gordon Elliott 2W,64C,I submitted 2009
Dozi in the Long Grass aka Grassade
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2017-08
Dr FlameKate Sala, Vivienne Scott, Robbie McGowan Hickie & Fred Buckley 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2011
Dr Wanna DoMaggie Gallagher 4W,32C,I-original sheet2011
Drank My Way To Houston Marie Sĝrensen & Leif Wittorff 4W,48C,I- submitted 2011
Dream Catcher Linda Burgess 4W,64C,I reformatted 2005
Dream Large Wrangler Wild 2W,48C,A reformatted 2011
Dream Low
Jan Geelen
4W,48C,I- submitted 2013-12
Dream of You Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher 2W,64C,I- original sheet 2010
Dream Waltz Laura & Eric Sellers 2W,48C,I-,w reformatted 2001
Dream World Anne Picemo 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
Dreamin' Away
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-03
Dreamers And BelieversMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-09
Dreams & WishesJohn Warnars 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-11
Dreams to Share Doug Miranda & Jackie Snyder 2W,48C,I/A reformatted 2001
Drink By Drink
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-05
Drink in My Hand
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,64C,I- submitted 2015-07
Drink On Miranda Van den Heuvel 4W,64C,B submitted 2008
Drinkin' Bone Brady, Vera-Lobos & Fletcher 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2004
Drinkin' 'Bout You Jill Boxtel 4W,32C,I+ submitted 2005
Drinkin' in My Sunday DressMartie Papendorf4W,56C,Isubmitted2012-02
Drinkin' Days Marie Sorensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2011
Drinking Class
Jill Weiss
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015
Drive Kira Jacobs & Paul Snooke 2W,64C,I+ reformatted 2004
Driving with One Knee
Martie Papendorf 4W,48C,I- submitted 2014-09
Drumurile a.k.a. Our Roads
Christie Lim & Martie Papendorf 2W,64C,I- submitted 2017-10
Duets Cathryn Proudfoot & friends 4W,32C,I reformatted 2001
Dumas Walker unknown 1W,52C,B+ reformatted 1990s
Dumbstruck Mark Simpkin 4W,48C,B+ submitted 2010
During the Night
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac 4W,phrased,I- submitted 2014-09
Dust on the Floor
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac
1W,phrased,I submitted 2014-04
Dust Off The Dance Floor Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2011
Dwight is Gone Piet Meulendijks 4W,32C,I submitted 2011
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