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Linedancing in Western Sydney

Step Sheets
As of September 2010 a new site has been set up for Australian stepsheets (original sheets only),  a replacement for Dancing Downunder (which ceased being updated late 2009). The stepsheet site you are currently viewing (on Line Dance Sydney) contains an archive of dances choreographed prior to September 2010 plus any non-Australian choreography that has been submitted since then.

If you are looking for a newer non-Australian dance that is not listed here, I recommend you check Copperknob. Note that most (alas not quite all) Australian choreographers submit their dances to Aussie Dancesheets.

Dances beginning with: 
[dances beginning with a number etc (eg: 3 Dayz) are listed in the A's]
Partner Dances

Dances: S

S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul)Ira Weisburd 4W,48C,I-submitted2010
S.K. Shuffleunknown 4W,16C,B-reformatted-
Marie Sørensen
2W,648C,I- submitted 2017-01
S.O.S. Easy
Marie Sørensen 4W,328C,B submitted 2017-01
S & MStephen Paterson & Michael Vera Lobos 2W,48C,I+reformatted2000
Sad Songs & WaltzesMarie Sørensen2W,48C,B,wsubmitted2012-04
Safe & SoundRussell Breslauer 2W,32C,Breformatted2012-02
SailMartie Papendorf2W,32C,Isubmitted2011
Salsa Dura Conga Jam
Martie Papendorf 4W,64C,I- submitted 2015-04
Ira Weisburd
2W,32C,I- submitted 2014-01
Same Kind of Crazy as Me Norman Gifford
4W,48C,I- submitted 2020-09
Same Ol' LoveReagan Lyon-Pacitti & Margret Pacitti 2W,48C,I-submitted2006
Same Ol' LoveReagan Lyon-Pacitti & Margret Pacitti 2W,48C,I-reformatted2006
Same Old FeelingJim Watt & Barbara Cremona 4W,32C,I-submitted2007
San Antonio BabyJohn Warnars 4W,68C,I-submitted2011
San Antonio RoseMarilyn Bycroft2W,32C,B/Ireformatted2012
San FranciscoKath Dickens4W,64C,Ireformatted2010
Santa Claus Is coming to TownMarie Sørensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy
Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2015-11
SantianoMartie Papendorf 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-09
Saturday Night
Marie Sørensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2019-06
Save the Last DanceLyn Booth 2W,72C,B/Ireformatted2005
Saving GraceShaz Walton & Paulette Hylands 4W,48C,Ireformatted2002
Saving GraceMichael Vera-Lobos 2W,48C,Ireformatted2003
Say HeyTeresa and Vera 2W,48C,Ireformatted2006
Say Sorry
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-09
Scandinavian WaltzMartie Papendorf4W,48C,I-submitted2011
School Girls BoogieMarie Sørensen 4W,16C,B-submitted2011
Scooby DooRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,B/Ireformatted2009
Scooby SnaxChris Kumre 4W,32C,Ireformatted2000
Scotland the BraveMarie Sørensen 2W,164C,I/Asubmitted2012-04
ScrappedWarren Mitchell 2W,48C,I-reformatted2003
Scream ItKristen Wade 2W,40C,Isubmitted2005
Scusami (Pardon me)
Ira Weisburd
4W,64C,I- submitted 2015-06
Se Me VaMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,B+submitted2011
Sea Salt SallyKate Sala 4W,94C,Ioriginal sheet2008
Second Chance WaltzMichael Barr 1W,48C,B+,woriginal sheet2010
Second Change WaltzMarie Sørensen4W,24C,B-submitted2012-11
Second Hand Heart Tonnie Vos & Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,I submitted 2017-09
Second to NoneAlison Johnstone & Wanda Heldt 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2010
Secret StormBrett Jenkins 4W,32C,Ireformatted2003
See Rock City
Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-09
See You SmileMarie Sørensen4W,64C,I-submitted2013-07
See You later AlligatorMarie Sørensen2W,48C,Bsubmitted2011
See Your Body Move
Jaszmine Tan
2W,64C,I submitted 2015-05
Seeing YouMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,56C,I+original sheet2008
Sempre, SempreMarie Sørensen4W,48C,I-submitted2011
Send Me A Letter Amanda
Marie Sørensen
2W,32C,B submitted 2016-01
Send Them LoveLinda Burgess 2W,32C,Ireformatted2006
SenoritaTom Glover 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2004
Senorita Mas FinaMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2010
Senorita SwayMichele Perron2W,64C,I-original sheet2011
Senorita Tu
Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-10
SeptemberJo Thompson 4W,32C,I-reformatted2003
Serenata Di Borgata
Ira Weisburd
2W,34C,B+ submitted 2016-07
SerenityMasters in Line 4W,48C,I-,Wreformatted2003
Settle DownRobyn Groot, Linda Wolfe, Cheryl & Gary Parker 4W,40C,Isubmitted2008
Seven WatersMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,64C,Ireformatted2003
Sex BombChris Watson & Leanne Leis 4W,phrased,I+reformatted2003
Sexy CrazyCinta Larrotcha 4W,32C,B/Ioriginal sheet2006
Sexy Stir FryGuyton Mundy & Chris Spicer 4W,64C,Ireformatted2003
Sexy Tractor'sMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,B+submitted2011
Shadow's in the MoonlightMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
ShakatakKate Sala 4W,64C,Ireformatted2002
Shake a Tail Feather
Ira Weisburd 4W,48C,B+ submitted 2016-09
Shake ItBrett Jenkins 2W,80C,Ireformatted2003
Shake, Rattle & RollJune Solah 1W,32C,I-submitted2006
ShakiraSimon Ward 2W,48C,Ireformatted2002
Shape I'm InJim Watt 4W,32C,B+reformatted2004
Shattered DreamsKarl-Harry Winson 4W,32C,I-reformatted2013
Shattered Dreams
John Warnars
2W,32C,I- submitted 2016-03
Shattered GlassGordon Elliott 4W,64C,Ireformatted2003
She Believes in MeMaureen Reynolds 2W,68C,I+reformatted2004
She Just StartedMarie Sorensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
She said YesMark Simpkin 2W,64C,Areformatted2000
She Taught Me To YodelJohn Warnars 2W,32C,I-submitted2013-01
She Wears My RingMarie Sorensen 4W,64C,I-submitted2012-06
She Won't Be Lonely LongRoz Chaplin 2W,56C,I-submitted2012-02
She's All ThatTim Gauci 2W,68C,B+reformatted2002
She's Every WomanGordon Elliott 4W,32C,Isubmitted2008
She's GoneNoel Bradey 2W,60C,I,woriginal sheet2007
She's My BabyMarie Sorensen2W,64C,I-submitted2013-01
She's Somebodys EverythingFaye & Bob Pointer 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2010
She's the OneCarl Sullivan 4W,96C,I+reformatted2002
She's Walking AwayMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-02
Shimmy ShackSimon Ward & Justine Shuttleworth 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet1997
ShineCathryn Proudfoot 4W,32C,I-reformatted2000
Shine OnBrett Jenkins 2W,64C,Ireformatted2004
Shine Your LightMichael Vera-Lobos & Noel Bradey 4W,64C,I+reformatted2004
Shine Your Light
Marie Sørensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2013-12
ShinolaToni Holmes 4W,64C,Isubmitted2008
ShipwreckedHedy McAdams 2W,32C,Ireformatted1997
Shirley's ShakeMarie Sorensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Shiv-A-ReeMaggie Gallagher 2W,64C,I/Areformatted2004
ShiverMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Isubmitted2013-09
Shoe Shine BoyÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac4W,48C,I-submitted2013-10
Shoes of Another ManJo Thompson-Szymanski1W,64C,I/Areformatted2011
Shortenin' BreadLarry and Terri Boezeman 1W,64C,I-reformatted2001
Shoop ShoopSimon Ward 4W,32C,I-reformatted2005
Shooting from The HipMarie Sørensen2W,32C,B+submitted2011
ShotgunRhonda G. Mathieson 4W,64C,B/Ireformatted2009
ShoutMichael Vera-Lobos 2W,64C,I-reformatted2001
Show Me the MoneyBill Bader 4W,34C,Ireformatted2004
Show Me The Way To Amarillo Raymond Sarlemijn & Ira Weisburd
4W,34C,I submitted 2021-03
Show Me YoursMaggie Gallagher 4W,48C,Ioriginal sheet2007
Show Me YoursMarie Sørensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-06
ShowaddywaddyMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Shut Up and Dance
Bobbey Willson
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-11
Shut Up and Dance
Jill Weiss
4W,48C,I- submitted 2015
ShrekBill Govett 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2002
Si GalloMarie Sørensen & Mathias Pflug 4W,32C,B/Isubmitted2012-08
Sia's WaltzNadia Friel 4W,48C,I,wsubmitted2010
Side by SidePat Stott 4W,64C,I-reformatted2004
Side Of The Hill
Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,I- submitted 2016-09
SidewaysKathryn Sloan and Jackie McIlrick 2W,32C,B/Isubmitted2009
Siempre Cha ChaPhil Dennington 4W,64C,I-reformatted2006
SignsTim Gauci 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2006
Signs of YouMarie Sørensen & Roz Chaplin 4W,32C,B/Isubmitted2012-08
Silent Night  Ira Weisburd
4W,24C,B submitted 2022-12
Silk & SatinEvelyn Khinoo 4W,32C,I- reformatted1990s
Silver BootsBarbara Hile 4W,64C,I-submitted2009
Silver ThreadsMarie Sørensen 4W,36C,Bsubmitted2011
Marie Sørensen 3W,64C,I- submitted 2018-06
SimplementeKate Sala 4W,32C,Ireformatted2012
Sin Rumbo Tango
Martie Papendorf
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-02
Since You've Been GoneRobyn Groot, Linda Wolfe, Cheryl & Gary Parker 4W,32C,Isubmitted2010
Sing & TellMaddison Glover 2W,phrased,Isubmitted2010
Sing A Happy SongMarie Sørensen2W,32C,B+submitted2013-02
Singalong Song Ira Weisburd & Marie Sorensen
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2015-02
Singing Amazing GraceMarie Sørensen4W,48C,I-submitted2013-10
Singing in the RainGordon Elliott 4W,64C,Isubmitted2007
Sink or SwimMark Simpkin 4W,64C,I+reformatted2001
Single Yellow RoseDot Swain 4W,64C,B/Ireformatted2004
Sissy's DanceBert Vlug 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2010
Sister KateRia Vos 4W,32C,I-original sheet2010
Sitting On GoCaroline Cooper & Marie Sørensen 2W,64C,Isubmitted2013-10
Six Pack SummerIngemar Kardeskog 2W,32C,B+reformatted2012
Sixties Dance Medley
Marie Sørensen 4W,48C,I- submitted 2019-03
65 RosesJan Wyllie 2W,32C,I-reformatted2001
Skiffle Billy BopMarie Sørensen 2W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Skiffle TimeDarren "Daz" Bailey 4W,64C,Ireformatted2012
Skin DeepSimon Ward 2W,32C,I-reformatted2003
Skinny GenesPatricia & Lizzie Stott 4W,32C,B-reformatted2011
Skips A BeatMarie Sørensen 4W,64C,I-submitted2013-05
Sky Full of AngelsYvonne Anderson 4W,32C,Ireformatted2004
SkyfallNigel Mooney 4W,32C,I-reformatted2013-05
Slap Leatherunknown 4W,36C,Breformatted-
Slappin' Chocolate/Slappin' Canonymous 4W,32C,B-reformatted-
Sleepless NightsSandy Hawkins 4W,32C,Ireformatted2001
Slipped and FellMitchell Burgess 4W,32C,Breformatted2002
Slipping Through My Fingers!Stephen Paterson 4W,32C,Ioriginal sheet2008
Slow BurnKathy Hunyadi & John Robinson 2W,72C,Ireformatted2004
Slow Dancing at MidnightKeith Davies 2W,48C,I-,wsubmitted2007
Slow HandRosalie Mackay 4W,68C,I+reformatted2004
Slow JoAnnMarie Sørensen & Helle Lykke Zimmermann 4W,32C,B-submitted2013-11
Slumdog MillionaireSandy Kerrigan 4W,32C,I+submitted2009
Small Knee DeepMarie Sørensen & Søren Kristensen2W,32C,B+submitted2011
Small Town Big TimeMarie Sørensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-05
Smell the RosesTom Glover 2W,64C,I-reformatted2001
Smokey PlacesMichele Perron 4W,32C,B+reformatted1990s
SnapKaye Blakeley 4W,32C,I-reformatted2008
Snap Jackunknown 4W,32C,Ireformatted1990s
Snap Your FingersRachael McEnaney2W,64C,Areformatted2011
Snap Your Fingers
Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2014-09
Sneakin' InToni Holmes & Steve Jeffries 4W,32C,Isubmitted2006
So CrazyTan Candy 4W,64C,Isubmitted2009
So Good In LoveGordon Elliott 4W,48C,I-submitted2005
So Good In LoveGordon Elliott 4W,48C,I-reformatted2005
Sobrenatural Ira Weisburd, Enric Nonell & Angels Guix
4W,32C,B submitted 2023-04
Soco WaltzTom Glover 2W,48C,B/Ioriginal sheet2009
Soft & LowTom & Wendy Monaghan 4W,60C,I,wsubmitted2006
Soft and SlowTim Gauci 4W,28C,I-submitted2006
Soft Place to FallStephen Paterson 2W,64C,I+reformatted1999
SoftlyDebbie Greaves 2W,48C,I-reformatted2004
Solo HumanoDebbie Ellis 2W,40C,Ireformatted2005
Solo Tu My Baby
Martie Papendorf & Charlotte Steele
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-10
SolundaRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,I-reformatted2005
Some BeachRobbie McGowan Hickie 2W,64C,I-reformatted2004
Some Days are DiamondsMarilyn Bycroft 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2010
Some Days You Gotta Dance
Micha Schmidt 2W,64C,I- submitted 2016-07
Some GirlsYvonne Anderson 4W,64C,B/Ireformatted2002
Some PeopleMarie Sørensen 4W,40C,Isubmitted2012-11
Some Town Somewhere
Micha Schmidt 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2017-03
SomebodyMichael Vera-Lobos 2W,40C,Ioriginal sheet2008
Somebody Save MeJosh Talbot 4W,32C,I+original sheet2007
SomedayLyn Booth 2W,phrased,Ioriginal sheet2009
Someday BabyLinda Burgess 4W,48C,Ireformatted2004
Someone 2 LoveTim Gauci 2W,32C,I-submitted2006
Someone ElseKristina Beeby 4W,32C,I-reformatted2000
Someone Feels Like a Fool
Ira Weisburd
4W,48C,B/I submitted 2016-03
Someone Like YouMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,48C,Ireformatted2002
Someone Like You
Marie Sørensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2016-01
Someone Should Tell HerMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011-12
Somethin' in the WaterRosalie Mackay 4W,80C,Ireformatted2003
Something BigNorm Gifford 2W,32C,B/Isubmitted2007
Something EasyBill Bader 4W,32C,B+reformatted2004
Something in the WaterNiels Poulsen 4W,32C,Boriginal sheet2011
Something SlowTerry Hogan 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2009
Sometimes When We TouchMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,Isubmitted2011-12
SomewhereMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-12
Somewhere Between
Martie Papendorf
4W,24C,B- submitted 2014-02
Somewhere in my HeartMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Somewhere SomehowSamantha Dixon, Allan Kenny & Kelvin Dale 4W,32C,Ioriginal sheet2008
Son of a BeachSam Dixon & Corrina Baars 4W,48C,I-reformatted2005
Sono Timida Ira Weisburd & Sebastiaan Holtland
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2022-02
Sophie Baby
Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-07
SorryMartin Ritchie 4W,32C,I-reformatted2001
SorryMichael Vera-Lobos 2W,72C,Ireformatted2002
S.O.S.Chris Watson 4W,64C,Ireformatted2006
Soul FoodLorenzo Evans1W,72C,Ioriginal sheet2011
Soul MateNoel Bradey 2W,48C,I/Areformatted2002
Sounds Like LoveMarie Sørensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-04
Southern DelightRossella & Fred Lord 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2004
Southern SonKevin & Maria Smith 4W,64C,Ireformatted2003
Southern Soul Bounce Roy Verdonk & Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B submitted 2022-12
Somethin' StupidFred Knopp 4W,32C,I-reformatted2002
Something Like ThatBill Larson 4W,40C,Ireformatted2004
Somewhere Out ThereJill Boxtel 4W,32C,I/Asubmitted2010
South African GirlsMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2013-07
South West Cha-cha Michelle Palmer 4W,32C,Breformatted1990s
Soy Desperado Raymond Sarlemijn & Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,I- submitted 2021-08
Spavaldo Mambo Sebastiaan Holtland & Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-06
Spanish WaltzingTracie Lee 2W,96C,I,Wreformatted2003
Speak to the SkyKeith Davies 2W,56C,B+reformatted2002
Speak With your HeartMetelnick & Biggs 4W,32C,Ioriginal sheet2010
SpellboundChris Watson 2W,64C,Ireformatted2010
Spice It Up Sobrielo Philip Gene 1W,phr.,Ireformatted2001
Spit & PolishSandy Kerrigan 2W,64C,I-submitted2008
SpotlightLuke & Stephen Watson 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2009
Spread a Little Love AroundMaureen Reynolds 2W,32C,I-reformatted2002
Spring RainMichele Burton & Jo Thompson Szymanski 4W,32C,Breformatted2011
SqueezeThe Kids 4W,100C,A reformatted2022
Squeeze Me InMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2013-05
Squeeze Me, Tease Me, Please Me Ira Weisburd 4W,16C,B submitted 2020-07
Stamp on the GroundMartie Papendorf 4W,32C,I-submitted2011
StampedeLisa Harper 4W,56C,B/Ireformatted1990s
StampedeLisa Harper 4W,56C,B/Ireformatted1990s
Stardust CowboyJim Watt & Lee Billi 4W,32C,I-submitted2010
StarlightJohn Sullivan 2W,64C,I reformatted2002
Stars and EaglesLana Harvey 1W,48C,I reformatted2001
Stars in the SkyKirsten Matthiessen2W,56C,Areformatted2012-04
Stars on the WaterPalmer, Cox, Lawrence & Fisher 4W,48C,I reformatted2001
Start LivingCarl Sullivan 4W,48C,I+reformatted2004
State of MindBen Summerell 2W,64C,I+submitted2006
Stay in This MomentMarie Sorensen 4W,24C,B,wsubmitted2012-02
Stay Stay Stay!Niels Poulsen 4W,32C,I-reformatted2012-11
Stay With MeLinda Burgess 4W,96C,I,wreformatted2009
Stay With me Forever
Özgür Takaç & Siara Vigante
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-03
Stays in MexicoBrett Jenkins 2W,64C,Isubmitted2005
Stays in MexicoBrett Jenkins 2W,64C,Ireformatted2005
Stay With MeGlennys Croston 4W,48C,I-submitted2006
Stayin' PowerMarie Sorensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Stealing the BestRosie Multari 4W,32C,Breformatted2010
Steelin' the 2 StepRosalie Mackay 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2007
Stepping Out
Martie Papendorf
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-04
Stick Like GluePernille Ilkjær Knudsen & Benny Ray 4W,phrased,I-reformatted2012
Still Love Me Tomorrow?Rachael McEnaney 4W,64C,Ireformatted2012-08
Stitch it UpRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,B/I reformatted2001
Stompin' ShuffleLinda Relyea 2W,48C,Ireformatted1990s
Stone Cold CountryWendy Hughes 2W,64C,Ireformatted2002
Stop and Look Around
Marie Sørensen 4W,48C,I- submitted 2015-11
Stop Cheatin' On MeMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-02
Stop Looking at My Eyes
Özgür Takaç 2W,64C,I- submitted 2016-03
Stop the Wheel Dee Musk4W,48C,Ireformatted2003
Stray Cat Strutunknown 4W,30C,B+reformatted-
StompMark Simpkin 2W,64C,I-reformatted2001
Strait ExitJan Wyllie 2W,64C,I-reformatted2004
Strange LoveIra Weisburd 2W,64C,Isubmitted2012-12
Stranger at my DoorDot Swain 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2004
Stranger in my HouseGordon Elliott 4W,64C,Ireformatted2004
Streets of BakersfieldMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-01
Streets of BaltimoreMarie Sørensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-02
StrokeAnonymous 4W,24&30C,Breformatted-
Strong Enough to Cry
John Warnars
2W,32C,I submitted 2016-01
Stuck on ElvisKathryn Sloan and Jackie McIlrick 2W,48C,B/Isubmitted2009
Stupid CupidLinda Burgess 4W,48C,B/Ireformatted2005
Such a NightCarl Sullivan 4W,64C,Ireformatted1999
Suddenly I SeeMitchell Burgess 2W,44C,Ioriginal sheet2007
Suds in the Bucket (aka Drive)Kira Jacobs & Paul Snooke 2W,64C,I+reformatted2004
Sulla BarcaAdrian Helliker & Marie Sørensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-01
Summer Breeze Bachata Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2021-06
Summer CelebrationIra Weisburd4W,32C,B+submitted2013-07
Summer Holiday
Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2014-07
Summer is ComingMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Summer Kiss
Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B submitted 2017-01
Summer Night Lovin'Bastiaan van Leeuwen 4W,48C,Isubmitted2006
Summer Over Me
Ole Jacobsob & Nina K.
2W,64C,I submitted 2021-03
Summer ThingMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-03
Summer WindJill Boxtel 4W,64C,I+submitted2005
Summertime in Venice Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2022-08
Sun and SnowMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-05
Sun On A Black Sky
Marie Sørensen & Johnny Andersson
2W,64C,I- submitted 2016-07
Sun UpMary Kelly 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2003
Sundown Story
Martie Papendorf
4W,48C,I- submitted 2016-08
Sundown WaltzRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,48C,I+,Wreformatted2003
SunnyNoel Bradey 2W,64C,Ireformatted2001
Sunset StampedeIan St Leon 4W,64C,I-reformatted1990s
SunshineSandy Kerrigan 4W,16C,B-submitted2010
Sunshine & LoveWrangler Wild 2W,64C,I+reformatted2003
Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,I submitted 2016-02
Sure as HellKerry Bailey 4W,32C,B+submitted2008
Sure DoNoel Bradey 4W,32C,Ireformatted2000
Surf & TurfKen Pickup 4W,32C,Ireformatted2004
SurrenderTom Glover 2W,68C,I-reformatted2002
SuspicionBill Larson 2W,92C,Ireformatted2003
SwayCarl Sullivan 4W,64C,Ireformatted2004
Sweep Her Off Her FeetBill Larson 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2004
SweetaboutLinda Burgess & Sobrielo Philip Gene 4W,64C,I-submitted2008
Sweet Baby GirlJose Miguel Belloque Vane & Kelli Haugen 2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012
Sweet ChariotMarie Sørensen4W,32C,B+submitted2013-12
Sweet DanceConny Martin 4W,32C,Isubmitted2011
Sweet DreamsChris Watson 2W,64C,I- reformatted2005
Sweet DreamsMartie Papendorf 4W,64C,Bsubmitted2011
Sweet Dreams 2014
Martie Papendorf 4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-04
Sweet HeavenIra Weisburd 2W,32C,Bsubmitted2010
Sweet HeidiMarie Sørensen 2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-08
Sweet Is the Melody
Martie Papendorf
2W,51C,I- submitted 2014-03
Sweet Little DangerousTracie Lee 2W,64C,I- reformatted2003
Sweet Little LisaRosalie Mackay 4W,64C,I- reformatted2005
Sweet Little Liza
Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2014-09
Sweet Little Sixteen
Marie Sørensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2016-11
Sweet MariaMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-10
Sweet Meant to BeIan St Leon 4W,64C,I-reformatted2006
Sweet MemoriesMarie Sørensen 4W,24C,Bsubmitted2011
Sweet Nothin'sKaren Grave 1W,64C,I- reformatted2003
Sweet RomanceRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,I reformatted2001
Sweet Silver AngelsRosalie Mackay 2W,54C,I,waltzoriginal sheet2009
Sweet SmileTim Gauci 4W,32C,B+ reformatted2003
Sweet Soul Music
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,B- submitted 2014-08
Sweet Southern ComfortLinda Burgess 2W,34C,Ireformatted2004
Sweet Sweet SmileJohnny Two-Step & Fi Scott 4W,32C,B/Ioriginal sheet2008
Sweet Talk & Good LiesMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,B-submitted2012-08
Sweeter Than CandyTim Gauci 4W,32C,B+submitted2010
Swept AwayRobert Fletcher & Karen Jennings 2W,50C,I+submitted2007
Swing Your ChainsDee Soares & Shaun Maguire 4W,32C,I-reformatted2003
Swing Your SkirtMartie Papendorf4W,32C,I-submitted2011
Swinging DoorsJoyce Stolley 4W,32C,B+reformatted1990s
Swinging DoorsGeorgina Walsh 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2009
Swingtime BillyNoel Bradey & Michael Vera-Lobos 4W,96C,I+reformatted2001
S.X.E.Rob Fowler 4W,48C,Ireformatted2002

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