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Linedancing in Western Sydney

Step Sheets
As of September 2010 a new site has been set up for Australian stepsheets (original sheets only),  a replacement for Dancing Downunder (which ceased being updated late 2009). The stepsheet site you are currently viewing (on Line Dance Sydney) contains an archive of dances choreographed prior to September 2010 plus any non-Australian choreography that has been submitted since then.

If you are looking for a newer non-Australian dance that is not listed here, I recommend you check Copperknob. Note that most (alas not quite all) Australian choreographers submit their dances to Aussie Dancesheets.

Dances beginning with: 
[dances beginning with a number etc (eg: 3 Dayz) are listed in the A's]
Partner Dances

Dances: T-V

T-ShirtTan Candy 4W,34C,Isubmitted2009
Tahoe KickAnonymous 4W,36C,I-reformatted1990s
Take A BreatherMaggie Gallagher 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2003
Take a Little TripMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-07
Take Away
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-02
Take It AwayMax Perry & Joanne Brady 2W,32C,B+reformatted1990s
Take It EasyMaggie Gallagher 4W,64C,I/Areformatted2004
Take it to the LimitMike Hitchen 2W,48C,I-,wreformatted2012-04
Take It to the RiverKevin & Maria Smith 2W,64C,B/Ireformatted2003
Take Me To ParadiseGordon Elliott 2W,64C,Isubmitted2007
Take That AwayNoel Bradey 2W,48C,I+,Wreformatted2000
Taking Back My loveLinda Burgess 4W,64C,I,wreformatted2009
Taking TimeLynne Flanders 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2005
Tales of a SheikSandy Kerrigan 2W,64C,Isubmitted2008
Talk About ThingsLinda Burgess 4W,64C,B/Ireformatted2003
Talk About MexicoRobyn Groot, Linda Wolfe, Cheryl & Gary Parker 4W,32C,I-submitted2010
Talk is CheapMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-08
Talkin' to the MoonJoey Warren 4W,32C,Isubmitted2011
Tangle FootTerry Hogan 4W,32C,Ireformatted2001
Tango ChaJo Thompson Szyamski & Dorothy Sezkely 4W,32C,Ioriginal sheet2008
Tango ChocloMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Tango de PasionKate Sala 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2013-01
Tango Pierre
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takaç 4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-05
Tao Hua Jie
Tan Candy
W,48C,I- submitted 2018-03
Tarantella Napolitana
Martie Papendorf
4W,32C,B submitted 2014-08
Tea for Two Cha ChaAnonymous 1W,32C,B-reformatted-
Teach Me to WaltzGordon Elliott 2W,48C,I,woriginal sheet2008
Tear Stained LetterSteve Mason 4W,72C,Ireformatted2002
Tears to Laughter
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,B submitted 2016-07
TelepathyChris Hodgson 2W,64C,I-original sheet2011
Tell HimKerry Hughes 4W,64C,B+reformatted2003
Tell Me AgainJohn Warnars 4W,32C,Isubmitted2011
Tell Me That you Love MeGordon Elliott 4W,32C,Isubmitted2006
TellurideRed Hot & Electric 2W,48C,Ireformatted2001
Temperature RisingChris Watson & Leanne Leis 2W,64C,Areformatted2001
Ten RoundsTerry Hogan 4W,32C,I+original sheet2001
Tennessee Homesick BluesMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B+submitted2011
Tennessee ShuffleMarilyn Bycroft2W,32C,B/Ireformatted2010
Tennessee WaltzJo Thompson 4W,48C,Breformatted1990s
Tennessee Waltz SupremeIra Weisburd 4W,48C,I-submitted2012-01
Tennessee Yoodle SongMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-03
Tequilla BluesNoel Bradey 2W,64C,I-reformatted2006
Tequila Loves Me
Siara Vigante
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-03
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall OffBarbara Hile 4W,32C,I-submitted2006
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall OffColleen Satchell 4W,32C,I-reformatted2006
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,64C,I- submitted 2015-12
Tequila NightsLuke Watson 2W,48C,Ireformatted2008
Tequila SunriseGeorgina Walsh 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2009
Tequila Sunrise
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2015-09
TexasPaul Snooke 2W,64C,Areformatted2002
Texas Eight CornerVirginia Graham 4W,40C,Breformatted1990s
Texas GirlLyn Booth 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2006
Texas Saturday NightBastiaan van Leeuwen 4W,64C,Isubmitted2006
Texas Twounknown 4W,32C,Breformatted-
T.G.I.F.Jo Thompson & Michele Perron 4W,32C,I-reformatted2001
Thangs Norman Gifford
2W,32C,B- submitted 2020-11
That Don't Impress me MuchRosalie Mackay 2W,56C,Ireformatted2008
That Fatefull NightMarie Sorensen4W,32C,B+submitted2013-03
That Girl Is A CowboyMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-02
That Good That BadTracie Lee 4W,64C,I-reformatted2006
That's A LieCarl Sullivan 2W,32C,Ireformatted2003
That's AmorePauline Mason 4W,48C,B/Ireformatted2002
That's AmorePamela Smith phrased,I+original sheet2007
That's A WomanBrett Jenkins 2W,32C,Ireformatted2004
That's FreedomJames & Karl Madden 4W,56C,Isubmitted2005
That's my GirlIan Dunn 4W,38C,B+reformatted1990s
That's Just ThatLeonie Smallwood 2W,80C,Areformatted2002
That's NicePeter Fry 4W,32C,I-reformatted2000
That's Okay
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2014-01
That's What I LikeMarie Sorensen 2W,32C,Bsubmitted2010
That's What I Like About YouMaureen Reynolds 2W,64C,Areformatted2001
That's What I Like About YouMichael Vera-Lobos 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2008
That's Why I LOVE YOU Soul
Ira Weisburd, Raytokool Johnson & Raymond Sarlemijn
4W,32C,B submitted 2019-05
The Beaches Of CheyenneMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-02
The BeatWendy & Tom Monaghan 2W,64C,Isubmitted2007
The Best Day
Marie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,I- submitted 2015-07
The Best ManSamantha Dixon & Kelvin Dale 2W,48C,Ioriginal sheet2007
The Big Band Singer Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B- submitted 2023-03
The Big OneBill Larson 4W,32C,B-reformatted2004
The Blacksmith Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2018-12
The Boy Does NothingLinda Burgess 4W,32C,I-reformatted2009
The Cheeky DanceTim Gauci 1W,136C,Areformatted2002
The City of New Orleans Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B submitted 2023-05
The Chosen OneSimon Ward 1W,64C,I,wreformatted2006
The ClimbKaren Jennings 2W,48C,Isubmitted2009
The Crooked Line
Martie Papendorf
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-11
The Day It Rained ForeverMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B+submitted2011
The Devil and MeMarie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,B-submitted2011
The ElectricRichard Silver 4W,22C,B-reformatted1976
The Feelin'Marie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-01
The Fighting Side of Me
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-01
The Fifth WishPeter Fry 2W,68C,Areformatted2005
The First TimeErrol Colomb 2W,48C,I-,woriginal sheet2009
The FluteMaggie Gallagher3W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2011-05
The Fun BeginsBrett Jenkins 2W,48C,Asubmitted2005
The Fun BeginsBrett Jenkins 2W,48C,Areformatted2005
The Gate is Open
Erica de Vaan
4W,32C,B submitted 2017-03
The Girl From YesterdayMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-01
The Girl In My Heart Ira Weisburd
2W,72C,I- submitted 2022-01
The Glory Of LoveYvonne Anderson4W,32C,I-reformatted2013
The Grand Tour
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2018-06
The Hardest WordMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,32&C,Ireformatted2003
The Healing SideKaren Jennings 4W,64C,I/Asubmitted2008
The Here and NowCharlie Mifsud 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2007
The Hotdog BoogieFrancien Sittrop 4W,48C,B/Ireformatted2012
The HustleDoug Miranda & Jackie Snyder 2W,64C,Ireformatted1990s
The Ice Cream SongLeonie Smallwood 4W,32C,I-reformatted2004
The ImpossibleBrett Jenkins 2W,48C,Asubmitted2006
The ImpossibleBrett Jenkins 2W,48C,Areformatted2006
The Lemon TreeKim Ray 4W,32C,Breformatted2009
The Legends of LoveCathryn Proudfoot 4W,48C,Ireformatted2002
The LifeNoel Bradey 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2009
The Light in Our SoulGordon Elliott 2W,64C,Isubmitted2008
The Little ShirtAudrey Watson4W,32C,Breformatted2011
The Long GoodbyeTim Gauci 4W,64C,I/Areformatted2003
The Long OneNoel Bradey 4W,40C,Ioriginal sheet2010
The Long Way Home
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2015-05
The Magic is ThereSue Coats 2W,32C,B/Ireformatted2005
The Meaning of LoveTeresa & Vera 4W,96C,I,Wreformatted2004
The Midnight Laugh
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
2W,32C,B- submitted 2016-03
The Morning AfterMarie Sĝrensen4W,16C,B-submitted2012-11
The Morning Come, JoannaMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
The Nashville WayRosalie Mackay 2W,36C,B/Ireformatted2004
The Next Big ThingMaureen Reynolds & Linda Burgess 4W,38C,Ireformatted2003
The Night is Young Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2010-10
The Older I GetJune Solah 2W,32C,I-submitted2008
The OnePaul Snooke & Cierwen Newell 2W,36C,I/Areformatted2002
The OneFred Knopp 2W,32C,Ireformatted2008
The RadioJennifer Hughes 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2004
The Real WorldTracie Lee 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2002
The Real WorldRuthie Bea 4W,96C,I,Wreformatted2003
The Reason WhyJennifer Hughes 4W,32C,I/Aoriginal sheet2008
The Red Nosed RudolphMarie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-11
The RideKelvin Dale & Samantha Dixon 4W,64C,I-reformatted-
The Right Side of TownLinda Burgess 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2004
The Right WayDee Musk 4W,32C,Ireformatted2004
The RiverJennifer Hughes 2W,34C,Ireformatted2004
The Rose Of Mooncoin Waltz
Martie Papendorf 4W,24C,B+ submitted 2017-01
The Shake
Marie Sĝrensen & Sally Hung 2W,32C,I- submitted 2015-09
The ShoopMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-09
The Size I WearMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-01
The Smell of Your Sweet PerfumeSimon Ward 2W,72C,I/Aoriginal sheet2008
The South-Bound Road
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-08
The Spanish Night is OverGlennys Croston 4W,40C,I-submitted2006
The StoryMartie Papendorf 2W,64C,I-submitted2012-04
The Swing Jessica Hall & Mark Simpkin1W,128C,Areformatted2004
The Thought Of Never Seeing You AgainAdrian Helliker & Marie Sĝrensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-10
The Three RebelsBrett Jenkins 2W,68C,I+reformatted2003
The Thrill Is BackCathy Pugh 4W,36C,I-submitted2009
The Train DepotÖzgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac 4W,64C,B+submitted2013-10
The Voice WithinLinda Burgess 2W,64C,Ireformatted2003
The Walking ShoesMariann & Preben Pedersen 1W,48C,B/Ireformatted2004
The Waltz of LoveKerry Bailey 4W,48C,I-,w submitted2009
The Way I Love YouMitchell Burgess 2W,48C,I/Areformatted2009
The Way Love GoesDaniel Whittaker4W,32C,Ireformatted2010
The Way Love LooksMarie Sĝrensen & Roz Chaplin4W,32C,I-submitted2011-12
The Way ThatNoel Bradey 4W,32C,Ireformatted2004
The Way You Look Cheryl & Gary Parker4W,32C,Isubmitted2008
The Way You Love Me
Marie Sĝrensen & Sally Hung
4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-01
The Whole SheBangKristen Wade 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2002
The Will to SurviveTracie Lee 2W,40C,I+reformatted2001
Then They DoChris Watson 2W,32C,I-reformatted2004
There Goes My HeartMarie Sorensen 2W,32C,Bsubmitted2010
There it GoesJan Wyllie 4W,32C,Ireformatted1990s
There She WasDare 2 Be Red Hot 4W,48C,Ireformatted2002
There Stands The GlassMarie Sĝrensen & Jennifer Hobson 4W,32C,I-submitted2013-06
There's a ReasonMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
There's More to MePeter Fry & Sandy Allen 2W,64C,Ireformatted2006
There's Something You GotCharlie Mifsud 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2009
They Call me Mr TeardropsMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-08
They DanceMarie Sĝrensen & Dirk Leibing 4W,32C,I-submitted2013-02
They Only See The Smile
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B- submitted 2015-06
Things She LikesRosalie Mackay 4W,64C,B/Ioriginal sheet2008
Things We Used to Do Sandy Kerrigan4W,32C,B+submitted2008
Think of MeErrol Colomb 2W,32C,I-submitted2010
Think of Me
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2014-02
Third Man Theme Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B submitted 2022-07
Thirsty WorkTerry Hogan 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2007
This & ThatGary Lafferty 4W,32C,Boriginal sheet2009
This Crazy LifeCathryn Proudfoot4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2007
This I Promise YouLu Olsen 4W,32C,Ireformatted2006
This I SwearLu Olsen 2W,56C,Areformatted2004
This is MeMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2009
This Little Spot
John Warnars
2W,32C,I- submitted 2016-02
This Ole BoyRachael McEnaney2W,64C,Ireformatted2012-03
This SummerAdriano Castagnoli2W,64C,Ireformatted2012
This TimeDee Musk2W,48C,Areformatted2012
This Woman, This ManMichael Barr & Michele Burton 2W,48C,I,Wreformatted1990s
This Woman NeedsGordon Elliott 2W,48C,I,wsubmitted2007
This World Today (Is A Mess) Ira Weisburd 4W,32C,B submitted 2017-03
Those Less Fortunate Than ILu Olsen 2W,64C,Isubmitted2010
Three Days DrivingLinda & Mitchell Burgess 4W,64C,I-reformatted2005
Three Good ReasonsErrol Colomb 4W,32C,B+submitted2008
Three Little BirdsLinda Pink 4W,32C,I-submitted2006
Three Words, Two Hearts
Marie Sĝrensen & Sally Hung
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-02
Thrill MeTerry Hogan & Roxanne Kumre 4W,32C,Ioriginal sheet2003
Thursday ChaTerry Hogan 4W,32C,B+reformatted1990s
Ti Dico Di Si (I Say To You Yes)
Ira Weisburd
4W,64C,I submitted 2016-07
Ti Dico Di Si Z Ira Weisburd 4W,32C,B submitted 2021-07
Tick Tock Ira Weisburd 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2020-02
Tico, TicoPeter Metelnick 1W,phrased,B/Ireformatted2001
Tight Fittin' Jeans
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,36C,I- submitted 2016-09
Tight JeansJennifer Hughes 4W,40C,I-reformatted2005
TightropeCarl Sullivan 4W,48C,Ireformatted2001
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac
1W,phrased,B+ submitted 2014-04
Til ForeverAudrey Watson 2W,64C,I-reformatted2011
Till it Snows in MexicoRosalie Mackay 2W,64C,I+reformatted2001
'Till the Sun FallsGaye Teather 4W,32C,I-original sheet2007
Till You Love MeVicki Sheil 2W,48C,I,woriginal sheet2008
Till You Love MeMargaret Warren 2W,51C,I,wsubmitted2009
Time After TimeBarbara Hile 4W,32C,I-submitted2004
Time and DistanceMarie Sorensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-05
Time BombCraig Bennett2W,64C,Ireformatted2012
Time For Changes
Marie Sĝrensen & Sally Hung 4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-03
Time of My LifeMargaret Warren 2W,72C,I/Asubmitted2009
Time to Shake
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ
4W,48C,I- submitted 2014-05
Time to SwingAndrew Palmer & Sheila Cox 4W,48C,Ioriginal sheet2009
TimebombMartie Papendorf 4W,64C,Isubmitted2012-06
Times OutLi (Michelle) & William Sevone 2W,32C,B+submitted2011-04
Tiney WineyMarie Sorensen 4W,64C,I-submitted2012-12
Tipitipitero (Tippy Tippy Tero)
Ira Weisburd
4W,64C,I- submitted 2015-03
Tired of Losing YouJohn Warnars 2W,32C,I-submitted2011
Tired of the FightDarren Mitchell & Michael Loftus 4W,54C,I,wsubmitted2007
TitanicSimon Ward 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet1998
To Be Loved By YouMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2010
To DaddyAlison Johnstone 4W,32C,I-submitted2010
To Die ForJan Wyllie 4W,32C,I-submitted2009
To Kill a MockingbirdSandy Kerrigan 4W,48C,Isubmitted2010
TodayChris Watson 2W,48C,Isubmitted2010
Toe'n The Line
Norm Gifford 4W,32C,I- submitted 2022-04
ToesRachael McEnaney 4W,32C,Breformatted2009
Together 4 EverTracie Lee 2W,64C,Ireformatted2004
Together AgainCathryn Proudfoot 4W,48C,I,Wreformatted2002
Tonight We MightPatricia Stott 4W,32C,Breformatted2010
Tonight We MightTracie Lee 4W,64C,I-original sheet2010
Tonight We're YoungCarl Sullivan 2W,64C,I/Areformatted2005
Too Damn OldKerry Bailey 4W,32C,I-submitted2009
Too LazyThe Kids 4W,64C,I/Areformatted2001
Too Much CandyRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,B/Ireformatted2004
Too Much Cha ChaPenny Kelly 4W,32C,B+reformatted1990s
Too Much Cha ChaPenny Kelly 4W,32C,B+original sheet1990s
Too Much to Loose
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ 4W,48C,I- submitted 2015-05
Too Stiff to Flip
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ 4W,48C,I- submitted 2015-05
Toon Town PartyBrett Jenkins 2W,64C,Ireformatted2003
Topsy TurvySandra Speck 4W,64C,Breformatted2010
Touch of ParadiseGreg Goldstein 2W,64C,Isubmitted2009
Touch MeMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-10
Elad Shtamer
phrased,I- submitted 2018-05
TragediaAndrew Palmer, Shelia & Simon Cox 4W,32C,Ireformatted2002
Travelin' ManKevin & Maria Smith 4W,32C,I-reformatted2010
Travelin' SoldierMaddison Glover & Simon Ward 2W,36C,I+reformatted2003
Traveling Shoes
Marie Sĝrensen
2W,32C,I- submitted 2017-03
Traveling Time Norman Gifford
2W,32C,B- submitted 2021-08
Treat Her GoodBrett Jenkins 1W,64C,I-submitted2005
Treat Her GoodBrett Jenkins 1W,64C,I-reformatted2005
Treats Me MeanJill Boxtel 4W,64C,I+submitted2009
Treat Me RightJulia Wetzel 4W,64C,I-reformatted2013-03
Trembling LipsRosalie Mackay 4W,64C,I-reformatted2003
Trendin'Jo & John Kinser, Ruben Luna & Philip Sobrielo2W,64C,Isubmitted2013-01
TroubleMarie Sorensen 4W,64C,I-submitted2010
Bobbey Willson
4W,28C,I- submitted 2014-12
Trouble with Love
Jennifer Jou & Martie Papendorf
4W,64C,I submitted 2016-06
True BlueJulie Lockton 4W,32C,B+reformatted2012
True FriendsJune Solah 2W,48C,I,wsubmitted2009
True Love Two StepJo Thompson Szymanski, Michael Barr & Michele Burton 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2010
Try a Little KindnessBarbara Hile 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2005
Trying to Find AtlantisLinda Burgess 2W,88C,I+reformatted2005
Tsoang Tsoang Tsoang Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2021-07
Tu Eigur Dagin I Dag (The Day Is Yours)
Marie Sĝrensen
2W,48C,I submitted 2016-02
Tumbleweed 2Bill Bader 2W,48C,Ireformatted2004
Tumbling RushPeter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2008
Turbo TwangMax Perry & Peter Metelnick 4W,32C,I-reformatted2004
Turn on the RadioMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2010
Turn To MePaul Snooke & Warren Mitchell 2W,64C,Ireformatted2001
Turning up the HeatPeter Metelnick 4W,32C,Ireformatted2003
Two Hearts, One LoveBrett Jenkins 2W,32C,Ireformatted2004
Tulsa SlideTerry Hogan 4W,40C,I-reformatted1990s
Turn AroundJohn Warnars 4W,32C,Isubmitted2011
Turn Me LooseSimon Ward 2W,64C,Ireformatted2008
Turn Me Loose
Ann-Kristin Sandberg & Marie Sĝrensen
2W,64C,I- submitted 2014-01
Turn Me Loose TooBarbara Hile 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2009
Turn On The Texas
Michael Schmidt
2W,32C,B submitted 2016-08
Turn Out The Lights
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-07
Tush PushJim Ferrazzano 4W,40C,B+reformatted-
Twinkle in Her Eyes
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2019-07
Two DimesMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-11
Two Lonesome HeartsLyn Booth 4W,64C,Isubmitted2008
Two More Bottles of WineLu Olsen 2W,68C,Ireformatted2006
Two Shades of BlueTerry Hogan 4W,32C,Ioriginal sheet2001
Two Steppin' BluesTracie Lee 2W,68C,I-original sheet2008
Two TimesMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Isubmitted2013-08
Two Timing Man
Ira Weisburd
4W,48C,I submitted 2015-03

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U AreRoz Chaplin 4W,56C,I+submitted2012-4
U TurnRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,32C,I-original sheet2009
U On My Mind Tim Gauci 4W,68C,I-submitted2007
Ugly CoyoteJohn Sullivan 2W,56C,Ireformatted2001
Ukulele Swing
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takaç
2W,64C,I submitted 2015-06
Una NocheNoel Bradey & Margaret Parrish  2W,64C,Areformatted2001
Unburn all our BridgesCharlie Mifsud 4W,32C,I-reformatted2004
Unchained MelodyPaul Snooke 2W,32C,Ireformatted2003
Unconditionally YoursVikki Morris4W,32C,I-reformatted2011
Under the New MoonLinda Burgess 2W,78C,I-,Wreformatted2003
Under The SunKathy Chang & Sue Hsu 4W,32C,Breformatted-
Under Your SpellBracken Ellis 2W,48C,Ioriginal sheet2005
UndercoverRobbie McGowan Hickie 4W,48C,Ireformatted2010
Unlove You Brett Jenkins 2W,32C,I+submitted2006
UnmendableJan Wyllie 4W,32C,Ireformatted1990s
Uno, Dos, TresMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2011
UnspokenJan Wyllie 4W,32C,Ireformatted1990s
Unspoken Tears
John Warnars
2W,32C,I- submitted 2015-04
UnstoppableRobyn Groot, Linda Wolfe, Cheryl & Gary Parker 2W,40C,Isubmitted2010
Until You DoCharlotte Peppa & Stuart Poindexter 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2004
Up To No Good Jessica Lamb 2W,86C,I/Areformatted2005
Upside DownKate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie 4W,48C,Ioriginal sheet2010
Uptown Funky
jill Weiss
4W,32C,B submitted 2015
Uptown Girl (aka Blinded) Michael Vera-Lobos 4W,32C,I-reformatted2001
Urban LoveTim Gauci 4W,32C,Isubmitted2010
USA Today Brett Jenkins 4W,64C,Isubmitted2006
Valentine Waltz
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,48C,I- submitted 2014-01
Velvet Waters The Whakaoriori Shufflers 2W,64C,I-original sheet2008
Ven (Come Dance)Ira Weisburd 1W,32C,Isubmitted2010
Ven Hacia MiMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2013-12
Venner kom og se (Friends come and see)
Marie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2019-08
Vi Danser Rock Og Rul
Marie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2015-11
VinceroMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Vita Nuova
Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B submitted 2018-07
Vivacious ShaBeDa 4W,48C,Ireformatted2003
Viva La Rumba '21 Ira Weisburd
4W,72C,I submitted 2021-04
Viva La Vida Linda Burgess 4W,48C,Ioriginal sheet2009
Viva las VegasNadia & Nikki Friel 4W,72C,I-reformatted2009
VolumeAiden Fryer 2W,64C,Isubmitted2013-05
Voodoo JiveAdrian Churm 2W,64C,Ireformatted2013-01
Voulez Vous DanserGaye Teather 2W,64C,I-reformatted2012
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