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Linedancing in Western Sydney

Step Sheets
As of September 2010 a new site has been set up for Australian stepsheets (original sheets only),  a replacement for Dancing Downunder (which ceased being updated late 2009). The stepsheet site you are currently viewing (on Line Dance Sydney) contains an archive of dances choreographed prior to September 2010 plus any non-Australian choreography that has been submitted since then.

If you are looking for a newer non-Australian dance that is not listed here, I recommend you check Copperknob. Note that most (alas not quite all) Australian choreographers submit their dances to Aussie Dancesheets.

Dances beginning with: 
[dances beginning with a number etc (eg: 3 Dayz) are listed in the A's]
Partner Dances

Dances: W-Z & Partner

Wacky FeetGreywolf & Wiya Wambli 2W,32C,B/Isubmitted2009
Wagon Wheel RockYvonne Anderson 4W,64C,I-reformatted2013
Wait!!!Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,96C,Ireformatted2003
Wait a MinuteWarren Mitchell 4W,32C,I-reformatted2000
Wait for MeAlison Johnstone & George Timms 2W,64C,Isubmitted2010
Waitin' On The WhiskeyMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Waiting all my LifeTeresa & Vera 4W,64C,Ireformatted2004
Waiting For LoveMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-02
Wake UpGlennys Croston 2W,48C,B/Isubmitted2006
Wake Up DancingCathy Pugh & Penny Kelly 4W,24C,I-reformatted2007
Wake Up Little SusieRachael McEnaney 4W,32C,Breformatted2012
Walk Back RightMarie Sĝrensen & Roz Chaplin4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-08
Walk This EarthDee Musk 2W,48C,Ireformatted2005
Walking AwayRachael McEnaney 4W,32C,Ireformatted2012-02
Walking In The SunshineMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-09
Waltz Across TexasLois and John Neilson 1W,48C,B+reformatted-
Waltzing Into My LifeMarie Sĝrensen4W,48C,I-submitted2013-09
Walk in the SunshineRoz Chaplin2W,32C,B-submitted2011
Walk OnBrett Jenkins & Chris Watson 4W,48C,I-reformatted2005
Walk OnMarie Sĝrensen 4W,48C,I-submitted2012-01
Walk on AirMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,64C,Ireformatted2002
Walkin' in the RainTim Gauci 2W,64C,I-submitted2009
Walkin' The FloorMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,I-submitted2011-12
Walking ContradictionMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-05
Walking Her HomeJulie Dowse 2W,48C,Ireformatted2008
Walking In High CottonMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2011
Walking on the WaterMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2011
Waltz AwayRob Fowler 2W,24C,B,woriginal sheet2008
Waltz of Old MexicoMarian Culpan 4W,102C,I/Areformatted2005
Waltz of the HeartFay Willcox 2W,48C,I-reformatted2004
Waltz of the WindJan Wyllie 2W,63C,I/Areformatted2001
Waltz Over Belsize
Ira Weisburd
4W,48C,I- submitted 2015-04
Waltzing Open Arms
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,24C,B,w submitted 2016-08
Waltzing With My HeartMarie Sĝrensen1W,24C,B,wsubmitted2012-05
Wanna Be A HillbillyMarie Sĝrensen4W,48C,I-submitted2011
Wanna Be Elvis Robbie McGowan Hickie 4W,32C,B/Ioriginal sheet2009
Wanna be MeWrangler Wild 2W,64C,Ireformatted2002
Wanna Fast OneIan St Leon 4W,64C,I-reformatted2001
Wanna Go HomeRita Chong 2W,20C,B-submitted2010
Wanna Go HomeRep Ghazali 2W,32C,Isubmitted2005
Wanna Wake Up With YouMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Isubmitted2012-02
Wanna Wanna WoopTina Summerfield 4W,32C,Breformatted2012
War PaintAnonymous 4W,64C,Ireformatted-
Wash Your Hands
Ira Weisburd
4W,16C,B submitted 2020-05
Washed in BloodMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-02
Wasted days and NightsJohn Warnars 4W,32C,Isubmitted2011
Wastin' TimeTom & Wendy Monaghan 2W,72C,Isubmitted2006
Wastin' Time With YouMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Wasting TimeTerry Hogan 4W,48C,Ioriginal sheet2009
Watch Your Step
Jill Weiss
2W,32C,B submitted 2015
Water of LoveJennifer Hughes 4W,64C,Ireformatted2006
Watermelon CrawlSue Lipscombe 4W,40C,Breformatted1990s
Wave on WaveAlan Birchall 2W,32C,B/Ireformatted2003
Way Up HighDan McInerney4W,48C,I+reformatted2012-2
We & the RadioCinta Larrotcha 4W,32C,B/Isubmitted2006
We Are TonightMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,I-submitted2013-12
We Could Be LoversMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-06
We Could Be TogetherTan Candy & William Sevone4W,64C,Isubmitted2013-05
We Have A Green DoorMarie Sĝrensen2W,48C,I-submitted2011
We Have KidsKerry & Andrew Bailey 4W,32C,I- submitted2009
We Gonna Make This DayMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
We Got TonightMichael Vera-Lobos 2W,32C,I-reformatted2002
We No Speak AmericanoPim van Grootel 4W,32C,Ireformatted2010
We Will Go OnWanda Heldt 2W,32C,B+reformatted2012-02
We Work it OutMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
We're AliveMasters in Line 4W,48C,Ireformatted2002
We're From the CountryLinda Burgess 4W,48C,B/Ireformatted2003
We're on a MissionSam Dixon, Corrina Barrs, Kristy Watts 2W,64C,Ireformatted2002
WeekdaysLisa Firth and Janet Halls 4W,40C,I-reformatted1990s
Went To Calypso MexicoMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
West Texas WaltzTerry Hogan 2W,32C,B/Ioriginal sheet2002
Western Cha ChaMark Simpkin 2W,48C,I,Wreformatted2004
Western WorldRosalie Mackay 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2008
WetCraig Bennett4W,64C,Ireformatted2011-09
Wham, Bam...Kerry Hughes 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2009
What About MeKerry Hughes 2W,48C,I,Wreformatted2004
What About MeGordon Elliott 2W,64C,Isubmitted2010
What Am I To YouNeville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris 4W,32C,Ireformatted2012-05
What CarKristina Beeby 4W,32C,Ireformatted2004
What Do You SeeRobbie McGowan Hickie 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2009
What I Did For LoveMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,Isubmitted2012-01
What I Wouldn't DoKerry Hughes 2W,96C,Isubmitted2008
What if I SaidBrett Jenkins 2W,32C,Isubmitted2005
What if I SaidBrett Jenkins 2W,32C,Ireformatted2005
What if I Said GoodbyeGordon Elliott 4W,48C,B/Isubmitted2006
What if She's An AngelBill Larson 2W,34C,Ioriginal sheet2009
What if We FlyMaggie Gallagher 4W,48C,I-,Wreformatted2002
What Kinda GoneTim Gauci 2W,36C,Isubmitted2008
What Makes A ManBrett Jenkins 1W,50C,Areformatted2003
What the World Needs NowSobrielo Philip Gene, Travis Taylor, Mitch Burgess, Montana 4W,48C,B+original sheet2008
What We Don't HaveMarie Sĝrensen2W,32C,B-submitted2011
What You DoBrett Jenkins 4W,32C,Ireformatted2003
What's UpTom Glover 2W,64C,I-submitted2010
What's Your NameMichael Barr 4W,64C,I-reformatted1990s
Whe BhutiMartie Papendorf 4W,64C,Isubmitted2013-10
When I DanceIra Weisburd 2W,64C,I-submitted2012-12
When I First Saw YouLuke Watson 2W,64C,I/A reformatted2009
When I Look at YouLinda Burgess phrased,Asubmitted2010
When I WakeMartin Ritchie 4W,32C,I+reformatted2002
When I Was YoursCraig Bennett 4W,32C,Ireformatted2013-03
When I'm Out Tonight
Erica de Vaan
4W,32C,I submitted 2018-05
When in TexasTom Glover 4W,72C,B/Ireformatted2002
When Love Comes AroundMarie Sorensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2010
When Love Starts Talkin'Rosalie Mackay 4W,64C,Ireformatted2004
When My Little Girl Is Smiling
Marie Sĝrensen & Adrian Helliker
4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-02
When She DrinksPaul Snooke 2W,32C,I-reformatted2004
When She's BadJohn Warnars 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-02
When the Money's GoneMartie Papendorf 4W,64C,I-submitted2011
When the Sun Goes DownMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-04
When You GoKristen Wade 2W,32C,Isubmitted2007
When You Love SomeoneMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,48C,Ioriginal sheet2008
When You Need My loveLu Olsen 2W,32C,I-submitted2009
When You Walked InPeter Fry 2W,64.5C,I-reformatted2000
When You're a CelebrityMaureen Reynolds 2W,64C,Ireformatted2004
When You're AroundDee Musk 2W,40C,Ireformatted2005
When You're SingleNoel Bradey 4W,32C,I-original sheet2008
Where are You NowFred Knopp 4W,48C,I,woriginal sheet2008
Where I Belong Peter Fry 2W,48C,Areformatted2004
Where I BelongMaggie Gallagher 4W,32C,B-original sheet2011
Where I Come FromMarian Culpan 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2007
Where I'm Gonna LiveMarie Sorensen 2W,32C,B-submitted2011
Where I'm Gonna LiveMarie Sorensen 2W,32C,B-submitted2013-08
Where It's At
Bobbey Willson
4W,72C,I submitted 2014-10
Where the Girls Are Michael Vera-Lobos 4W,48C,I-reformatted2004
Where the Wind BlowsAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 1W,102C,B/Ireformatted2012
Where We've BeenLana Wilson 4W,32C,I-submitted2005
Where Were You Leanne Leis 4W,68C,Ireformatted2002
Where You Gonna GoLinda Burgess 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2007
Where's AliceTom & Wendy Monaghan 4W,32C,I-submitted2006
Whipped CreamIra Weisburd 1W,phrased,I-submitted1975
Whiskey GirlMichael Vera-Lobos 4W,64C,Ireformatted2005
Whiskeys GoneRob Fowler 4W,72C,I-reformatted2011
Whiskey Kind of WayBrett Jenkins 2W,64C,I/Asubmitted2005
White ChristmasMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-10
White Lies
Ole Jacobson & Nina K.
4W,32C,I- submitted 2021-01
White Lightning Maureen Reynolds 2W,64C,B/Ireformatted2006
Who Can I Turn To NowGordon Elliott 2W,32C,B+submitted2008
Who did you call Darling Kevin and Maria Smith 4W,64C,I-reformatted1990s
Who Will Be There Gordon Elliott 4W,64C,Isubmitted2006
Who's Been Sleeping in my BedLinda Pink 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2005
Who Knew Mark Simpkin 2W,32C,I+original sheet2007
Who Painted the MoonMartie Papendorf 2W,36C,Isubmitted2010
Who's Your FriendRoz Chaplin & Colin SMith4W,40C,I-submitted2012-03
Whoosh Bill Bader 4W,32C,I-original sheet2003
Why Can't I Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer 4W,32C,I-submitted2007
Why Should We Try Anymore
Marie Sĝrensen & Sally Hung
4W,32C,B submitted 2016-02
Why, Why, WhyMarie Sorensen & Soren Kristensen 4W,48C,I-submitted2011
Why Why Why
Marie Sorensen 4W,48C,I- submitted 2017-07
Wicked EchoesDebbie McLaughlin 4W,32C,Areformatted2012
Wicked GameMartie Papendorf 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-02
Wild and FreeTracie Lee and Peter Fry  2W,64C,I+reformatted2000
Wild at HeartRick Coomber 4W,32C,Breformatted1990s
Wild KissesTracie Lee 2W,64C,I-reformatted1997
Wild Turkey & Seven Up!Marie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
WildcatJohn Hughes 4W,64C,Ireformatted2005
WildflowersGeorgina Walsh 4W,32C,B+submitted2010
Will You Love Me?Martin Ritchie 4W,32C,I-reformatted2002
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B- submitted 2015-01
Will the Circle Be UnbrokenMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Wind Up Lonesome
Joan Starklint & Kim Petersen
2W,32C,I- submitted 2014-04
Windy City WaltzSimon Ward, Ria Vos & Darren Bailey 2W,96C,Aoriginal sheet2012-10
WingsMarie Sĝrensen2W,36C,B-submitted2013-11
Winner at a Losing GamePeter Metelnick 4W,32C,I-original sheet2008
Winter WaltzTerry Hogan 4W,48C,Ireformatted2003
Wishful ThinkingPeter Fry 2W,48C,Ireformatted2009
WitchqueenGlennys Croston 4W,56C,B/Isubmitted2007
With These EyesDarren Bailey & Niels Poulsen 2W,32C,Isubmitted2006
Without A Love
Erica de Vaan
2W,64C,B submitted 2015-03
Without FireKarl-Harry Winson 4W,64C,Ireformatted2012
Without YouCarl Sullivan 2W,40C,Ioriginal sheet2008
Without YouBrett Jenkins 2W,48C,Ireformatted2002
Without YouRosalie Mackay 2W,32C,Ireformatted2005
Without YouMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-12
Woke Up In Love
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2015-01
Women Is SmarterMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,B+submitted2011
Woman of My DreamsBrett Jenkins 2W,64C,I+reformatted2001
Woman to WomanTracie Lee 2W,48C,I-,Wreformatted2000
Women RuleCharlie Mifsud 2W,64C,Ireformatted2004
Won't Be Needing YouGordon Elliott 2W,64C,Isubmitted2007
Won't YouLeonie Smallwood 4W,32C,Ireformatted2003
Wonder WomanSimon Ward & Roxanne Kumre 2W,64C,Ireformatted2006
Wonderful Dream
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,48C,I- submitted 2018-02
Wonderful Spring
Ira Weisburd
4W,64C,I submitted 2015-05
Wooden HeartTom Glover 4W,40C,B/Ireformatted2005
Woods on FirePiet Meulendijks 4W,32C,Isubmitted2012-04
WordsDarren Mitchell 4W,40C,Isubmitted2008
Words are all I HaveSandy Kerrigan 4W,32C,Isubmitted2008
Words Don`t Come Easy
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,40C,I- submitted 2014-12
Working for A LivingChris Watson, Kevin & Maria Smith 4W,64C,Ireformatted2008
Working for the ManLyn Scantlebury 4W,32C,I-reformatted2008
World of BlueMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-02
Would You Believe Me
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2014-12
Would you Go With MeCarl Sullivan & Tracie Lee 2W,52C,Ireformatted2007
Wouldn't Be MeFulvio Durazza 4W,32C,Ireformatted2002
Wouldn't Have Missed ItStephen Patterson 2W,32C,I-reformatted2006
Wouldn't It Be NiceJessie & Ben Summerell 2W,72C,B/Ireformatted2004
WozaniAlison Johnstone 4W,32C,I-original sheet2009
Wranglers ButtsGordon Elliott 4W,32C,Breformatted1990s
Wrapped AroundBastiaan van Leeuwen 2W,64C,B/Isubmitted2006
Wrong GirlTrent Duncan 2W,64C,Ireformatted2004
Www.memoryLana Harvey 2W,32C,Isubmitted2001

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XiHuanNi (Like You)
Tan Candy & William Sevone
2W,32C,I submitted 2015-09
Ya Got Class
Ira Weisburd 4W,32C,B submitted 2017-03
Yeah, Give Me the Beat Boys
Marie Sĝrensen
4W,32C,B submitted 2019-04
Yeah I Love YouÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-10
Yeehaa Shake Sandy Kerrigan4W,32C,I-submitted2008
Yeeeee Haaaaa!! Simon Ward2W,32C,I-reformatted2003
Yeh YehMarie Sĝrensen4W,64C,I-submitted2013-02
Yellow Rose of TexasMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-09
Yes Sir, BabyJune Solah 4W,32C,B+submitted2009
Yes Sir, That's My Baby!!Lorraine Kurtela 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2009
Yesterday Once MoreMargaret Warren2W,64C,Isubmitted2010
Yippy I A Tim Gauci4W,32C,I-reformatted2004
Yipee Yippee YehKerry Bailey 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2008
Yoko YokoMarie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,B-submitted2011
YolandaRobbie McGowan Hickie & Kate Sala 4W,64C,I-original sheet2010
You Carol McKee2W,72C,I-,Wreformatted2002
YouColleen Archer 4W,64C,I submitted2008
You Ain't DollyMarie Sĝrensen4W,64C,I-submitted2013-09
You and I Julie Carr4W,56C,Ireformatted2004
You and IOli Geir & Hugrun phrased,Ioriginal sheet2009
You Are Kerry Hughes & Mark Simpkin2W,32C,I+reformatted2004
You Are My DestinyGordon Elliott 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2007
You Are So Hot
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-08
You Are Still the One
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2019-08
You Are The OneMarie Sĝrensen 2W,32C,B-submitted2011
You Ask Me To
Martie Papendorf & Charlotte Steele
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-07
You Belong to Me
Petra Geens
2W,32C,B- submitted 2015-09
You Better StopStephen Rutter & Claire Butterworth2W,32C,Areformatted2011
You Can Bet Your BootsGordon Elliott 4W,32C,B/Isubmitted2008
You Can Count On MeA. J. White & Marie Sĝrensen4W,68C,I-submitted2011
You Can Do MagicDee Musk2W,64C,Ireformatted2012
You Can Win if You WantMartie Papendorf 4W,64C,I-submitted2011
You Can't Break A HeartMarie Sĝrensen1W,64C,I-submitted2012-12
You Can't Hurry LoveKaren Jennings 2W,32C,I-submitted2009
You Don't See ItMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,I-submitted2011
You Fill Up My Senses Sandy Kerrigan4W,48C,Ireformatted2004
You Go Your WayMarie Sĝrensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-06
You Got AwayNiels Poulsen2W,64C,I-reformatted2013-04
You Gotta Run
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takaç
4W,32C,I submitted 2015-05
You Know What That MeansPaul Snooke & Cathryn Proudfoot 2W,64C,Areformatted2004
You Lied!Stephen Patterson 4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2005
You Light Up My Life
Ozgur "Oscar" Takaç
4W,48C,I- submitted 2016-03
You Lost MeJannie Tofte Andersen 2W,96C,A,wreformatted2012
You Need a ManDarren Mitchell 4W,32C,Ireformatted2006
You Never Know
Marie Sĝrensen 4W,48C,I- submitted 2015-08
You Play My Heart
Ira Weisburd
submitted 2017-04
You Sang to Me Michael Vera Lobos 4W,32C,I- reformatted2000
You Save MeLinda Burgess 4W,60C,B/I,wreformatted2005
You Should Have LiedPamela Smith 4W,96C,I,wreformatted2009
You Still Do it For MeLinda Pink 1W,32C,B+submitted2005
You Still Do ThatCheryl Salter 4W,68C,Isubmitted2005
You Were Right Lyn Booth4W,32C,B/Isubmitted2008
You Were Right Sue Fisher & Margaret Warren4W,32C,B/Ireformatted2008
You WillMichael Vera-Lobos 2W,48C,I/Aoriginal sheet2010
You Wish Cathryn Proudfoot4W,32C,I+ reformatted2003
You'll Find Better Love Stephen Paterson4W,32C,I+reformatted2009
You'll Never Know Peter Fry4W,64C,I+ reformatted2006
You're Driving Me CrazyVikki Morris 2W,64C,I/Areformatted2010
You're Gonna Miss Me
John Warnars
2W,64C,I- submitted 2016-06
You're Gonna Miss ThisLinda Wolfe, Robyn Groot, Cheryl & Gary Parker 4W,40C,Isubmitted2009
You're Leading MeBrett Jenkins 4W,32C,Isubmitted2010
You're My DestinyPeter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 2W,64C,Ioriginal sheet2009
You're My First LoveMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2011-12
You're My Sanctuary  Gary and Cheryl Parker  4W,32C,I-reformatted2001
You're Still on My Mind
John Warnars
2W,32C,I+ submitted 2015-05
You're the One that I WantLinda Burgess 4W,32C,I-reformatted2006
You're the Reason
Mal Jones
2W,64C,I- submitted 2019-02
You've Got No Heart  Rosalie Mackay  4W,64C,I-reformatted2003
Young BloodMathias Pflug 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2011
Young HeartsMarie Sĝrensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2013-06
Young Hearts, Run FreeLinda Burgess 4W,32C,Ireformatted2006
Younger MenHedy McAdams 4W,64C,Ioriginal sheet1996
Your LifeGreywolf & Wiya Wambli 4W,32C,Isubmitted2009
Your Love Kate Moore & Mark Simpkin2W,64C,Ireformatted2005
Your Love Amazes Me Terry Hogan4W,32C,I- original sheet2002
Your Loving Arms
Angel & John Warnars
submitted 2015-05
Your Side of Town
Bobbey Willson
submitted 2015-02
Your Used To BeMarie Sorensen 4W,64C,I-submitted2010
Zest Appeal  Michele Perron  4W,48C,Ireformatted2004
Zjozzys FunkPetra van der Velden 2W,32C,B/Ireformatted2008
Zydeco Lady  Chris Hookie 4W,40C,I-original sheet1990

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Partner dances:
2 Cold Beer        Michael Schmidt
32C,B submitted 2016-03
2 Wonder  Michael Schmidt
64C,I submitted 2018-10
A Girl Like You    Michael Schmidt
48C,I submitted 2018-06
Angels In The Beer Joint For 2
Greywolf & Wiya Wambli
32C,B submitted 2014-07
Baby, I'm ReadyÖzgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac2W,80C,Asubmitted2013-10
Barn DanceAnonymous 32C,Breformatted-
Bosa NovaBob and Lil Wurth 64C,I-reformatted1970
Bouquet of RosesAnna & Piet Meulendijks 32C,Isubmitted2012-3
Caribbean Cadenceunknown 40C,I-reformatted-
Center Of My World Michael Schmidt
64C,I submitted 2021-01
Cha Cha Cuba Danced By TwoMarie Sĝrensen & Linda Holmberg 32C,Bsubmitted2011
Come Do A Little Life     Michael Schmidt 32C,I submitted 2018-10
Copperhead Road (Revisited) Circle Dance
Bobbey Willson
40C,I- submitted 2014-09
Corn For Us     Michael Schmidt
32C,I submitted 2021-08
Cotton-Eyed JoeAnonymous 32C,Breformatted-
Cowboy Mambo
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-06
Cowboys & IndiansPatrick Endevoetsphrased,Isubmitted2011
Crazy PeopleGreywolf & Wiya Wambli 32C,Isubmitted2009
Crimson Red For 2    Michael Schmidt 32C,B/I submitted 2018-04
Darling Fool
Greywolf & Wiya Wambli 64C,I submitted 2014-01
Doing It To Country Songs       Michael Schmidt
64C,I submitted 2017-12
Drinking With Dolly for 2   Michael Schmidt 64C,I submitted 2018-10
Easy Money, PartnersMarie Sĝrensen & Linda Holmberg32C,Bsubmitted2011
Edelweiss (partner version)Alison Johnstone 24C,B+,wsubmitted2010
Funky Hay!Özgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac2W,96C,Asubmitted2013-10
GB Shuffle       Michael Schmidt
32C,I submitted 2017-03
Get Back 2 The Country   Michael Schmidt 48C,I- submitted 2020-03
Gotta Dance For Us       Michael Schmidt 64C,I submitted 2016-12
Happy Friends       Michael Schmidt 32C,I- submitted 2017-02
Hoj HopWiya Wambli & Greywolf 32C,Isubmitted2010
Keep Up Country Girl   Michael Schmidt 4W,48C,I submitted 2020-08
Language of Love for TwoNorm Gifford 4W,32C,Isubmitted2007
Lay Down Together       Michael Schmidt 48C,I submitted 2017-01
Love you ForeverÖzgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac4W,phrased,I-submitted2013-10
Mama's Boy      Michael Schmidt 32C,I- submitted 2017-12
Mariachi Rumba ReloadedÖzgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac 2W,68C,Isubmitted2013-10
MemoriesJeff & Jackie Allen 48C,Isubmitted2004
Missing Two       Michael Schmidt 32C,B submitted 2017-01
Next Girl Michael Schmidt
32C,I- submitted 2021-07
Old FriendMargaret Murphy 48C,Isubmitted2004
One Like Mine  Michael Schmidt 64C,I submitted 2018-10
Our Oklahoma Home       Michael Schmidt 4W,32C,I- submitted 2020-03
Painted HeartsÖzgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac4W,48C,I-submitted2013-10
Really Really Love a WomanGreywolf & Wiya Wambli 4W,24C,Bsubmitted2009
Renegade SwitchDennis & Connie McGuire 40C,Ireformatted1990s
Roller Coaster For 2      Michael Schmidt
64C,I submitted 2016-02
Rumba Two Shanthie De Mel
16 bar,I submitted 2022-04
Salt in my tears for CouplesMarie Sĝrensen & Linda Holmberg 32C,Bsubmitted2011
Satisfy My Heart Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2019-12
Shortenin' BreadLarry and Terri Boezeman 1W,64C,I-reformatted1990s
Sliding DoorsÖzgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac2W,96C,Asubmitted2013-10
Smiling Together Michael Schmidt 64C,I submitted 2016-02
Stuck on JiveÖzgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac2W,80C,Asubmitted2013-10
Sugar BearCountry Bound 36C,I+reformatted1990s
Tango Wild WestÖzgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takac4W,64C,Asubmitted2013-10
There's a Reason for TwoMarie Sĝrensen & Linda Holmberg32C,Bsubmitted2011
Too GroovyBarb & Dave Monroe32C,I-reformatted2012
Waltz Across TexasLois and John Neilson 1W,48C,B+reformatted-
We Are Believers Michael Schmidt 56C,I- submitted 2020-06
What Were We Thinkin'      Michael Schmidt
80C,I+ submitted 2018-10
Woman is Too SmartMarie Sĝrensen & Linda Holmberg32C,B+submitted2011
Ya Ribon OlamIra Weisburdphrased,Isubmitted2013-05
You Tequila & Me Michael Schmidt 32C,B submitted 2016-02
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